Why YouTube is not Letting Me Skip Ads? Now explained

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Why YouTube is not Letting Me Skip Ads?

Of recent, you must have noticed that some YouTube ads don’t have the “Skip ad” button. This makes one wonder if there is a bug from YouTube’s end.

This is not surprising as YouTube has been promoting ads to viewers interested in videos hosted on its platform using non-skippable ads.Youtube

Getting longer ads served to viewers is a great way of ensuring that most advertising companies engage their products and services with valuable audiences.

In return, advertising companies pay YouTube huge amount of money, and this money is shared between YouTube and the content creator.

Report from Deadline states that YouTube revenue from ads moved to $5 billion last quarter and $6.9 billion from $4.7 billion last year.

As YouTube struggles to increase its revenue, obstructive ads won’t be going any soon.

Non-skippable ads force people to watch, giving them no choice to skip them; they are usually 15 to 20 minutes long. Non-skippable might appear anywhere;

most times, it appears before viewing your content or at the middle of the content, in some cases at the end of the content.

Getting ads served for longer watch time Guarantees more revenue to YouTube and the owners of these content because they get better engagement.

Secondly, this kind of ad ensures that advertisers reach their target audiences hence increasing the click-through rate.

But this doesn’t come with a cost as most viewers find this ad very offensive and not user-friendly it is a known fact that non-skippable have a higher video view abandonment rate because they look forceful.

Why Can’t I skip Long Youtube Ads?

As reiterated earlier, longer ads result in greater brand awareness and increased income for creators and advertisers. However,

if you don’t want to view ads for long, especially when enjoying an interesting video, you have little option left, it’s either you wait or you abandon the video entirely.

Note that based on the location, Non-skippable video ads are usually between 15 or 20 seconds in length, can you afford the wait time?

But at times other factors might play in which might not be from YouTube. Do you have plugin extension enabled on your browser?

If you find it difficult on your YouTube video to click the “skip ad” button, it could be an issue with your browser.

You may not be able to skip skippable ads owing to a plugin extension in your browser impacting YouTube ads.

You could try disabling the plugin extension.

Go through your browser to see if the skip button will display after you disable the browser extensions.

Also, you have to browse through other videos to ensure the Skip Ad button displays at the down right corner of the screen.

How Can I Skip Ads on Youtube?

The traditional way of skipping ads that we all are familiar with is the “Skip Ad” button, which surfaces after a few seconds into the video.

Sometimes, users complain about its invisibility which makes it frustrating.

Fortunately, new means have been found around it to prevent ads from YouTube videos by including a period to the domain name.

This would help do away with advertising overlays, and pop up pre-roll ads. It is especially handy to block cookies,

thus stopping youtube from tracking you, and also prevents ads from popping up the middle of a video.

This trick functions with Android mobile, desktop, google chrome, and Mac but seems ineffective in the Firefox browser where adding the period will send you back to the YouTube homepage.

You can also use Plugins Enhancer for YouTube to remove ads instantly, resize the window, and the playback speed of the video.

However, the tricks may not stay around for long, and you might have to go back to the conventional way of skipping ads, since YouTube, at some point might likely patch it up.

Is There a Way to Skip Ads on Youtube?

More than we can admit, A greater percentage of us spend more time enjoying YouTube videos.

This is because there is a lot of amazing content on the largest video app, but this also comes with many intrusive ads.

There are ways to ignore the ads. The popular way is to use the “Skip Ad” button. Few seconds into an advert, the remote command pops up and enables you to avoid YouTube video ads.

Sadly, The Skip Ad button displays in fewer videos, meaning you might have to wait and watch the advert till the end.

An alternative will be to use the keyboard shortcut Tab + Enter to avoid at the start of a video, but what about when the intrusive ad once again pops up midway through the video?

Luckily, you can avoid these ads completely by installing Ad Blockers to skip intrusive ads (mid-roll, pre-roll) that pop up anywhere when you are viewing.

Also, it will prevent ads on YouTube like banner and sidebar ads. With Ads blocker, you can select the ads to all on any channel.

The YouTube ad skipper extension can also be an option. Although it doesn’t help you skip ads, it, however, automates the process after seconds, meaning you don’t have to bother about clicking the button.


YouTube ads shouldn’t be an obstacle to preventing you from watching amazing content as you can employ the tricks discussed above or use the conventional skip ads button.

Whichever you choose is cool, and we anticipate that you reach a decision and understand which option is best for you to Skip ads.

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