Why is Xender Not Installing on My Phone? See why Xender app is not installing on your device

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Why is Xender Not Installing on My Phone?
The file-sharing app, Xender has gained popularity in recent years. It is one of the best apps to share various types of files on your phone, tab, or PC. There have been some complaints, however, the Xender app not installing on phones.

There are several reasons why Xender might not install on your phone, some of them are:Xender

Installing the app from an unknown source

For Android devices, the default setting is to reject applications not sourced from Google Play Store. So if you get the file from the internet, or a friend, your device might not accept it.

Bad Apk File

Another reason for the non-installation of the Xender app if the Android package file, the Apk file is bad. This happens when the app file corrupts during downloading.

There are two ways that a file can get corrupt; if the downloaded file had some missing files from the source. Another reason is that the downloading process was not complete.

Old or Low Android Version

If the error message you receive when you try to install the Xender app on your phone is ‘Error parsing file’, then most often than not your device is running on an older or lower version of the Android operating system.

Some apps, especially updated ones usually don’t work with lower versions of the operating system.

App Signatures Don’t Match

This happens when your device already has the older version of the Xender app and you want to install an updated version. The problem occurs when the certificate of the updated version differs from the old one.

Not Enough Storage Space

When the size of the app is higher than the available storage on your device, then there will be a problem installing the app on the device.

Improperly mounted SD cards

If you want to install the Xender app on your device’s SD card and it isn’t properly mounted, then it won’t install. If the SD card is on another device, then it won’t install also.

What to Do If My Xender App Is Not Installing

Reboot Device

Simply rebooting your device will free up some RAM space on your device, allowing it to work efficiently.

Free Up Space on Your Device

Creating space on your device by deleting unused files and apps can also help eradicate the problem of installing the Xender app if the problem is due to inadequate storage space.

Uninstall Old Version

If the app certificates are conflicting, then uninstall the older version before installing the updated version.

Check the App Apk File

Check the app you are downloading to see if the Apk file is complete or if the app downloaded is complete. If it isn’t, uninstall and download again.

Upgrade Android OS Version

If your device is running on a lower version, update the latest available version. This is to allow the app to run with a compatible Android version.

Reset App Preferences

To reset app preferences, go to Settings then click on Apps. From the app, options click or tap on All, then Reset app permissions or Reset app preferences.

Remount Device SD Card

Check your SD slot, if the SD card is not properly mounted then remount it.

Back-Up and Format Your SD Card

In case your device’s SD card is properly mounted but the app is still refusing to install, try to backup files on the SD card then format the SD card. Note that if you do not back up your files before formatting, you will lose everything.

Reset Your Device’s Factory Settings

Resetting your device’s factory settings means you are wiping the slate clean, restoring it to when you just bought it. Doing this will free up storage, remove any app or file that is slowing down the phone and help the phone install the Xender app.

How to Install Xender App on Your PC

Xender not installing

It is also possible to install Xender on your PC; your PC has to have at least Windows 10 operating system. Go to the Microsoft Store and type in Xender for PC on the search bar. After downloading, follow the instructions to download and create a shortcut to ease access to the app.

You are good to go.


If you have had problems installing the Xender app on your device, now you know why. Follow some of the solutions listed above and you will be sharing files with the Xender app in no time.

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