Why Does Xender or SHAREit Need Location/ Are They Safe? See how both app work

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Why Does Xender or SHAREit Need Location?
Many people wonder how file-sharing apps, SHAREit, and Xender work. Why should you choose these apps over the tried and trusted Bluetooth transfer for instance? Why do they request that you turn on your device location or GPS?

Xender and SHAREit are Android apps for sharing various files. Sometimes, the app requests that you turn on the location on your device. It has been confusing to some as to why these apps require location or GPS to send files.Xender

Some have even suggested that these apps are selling the information to marketing companies. The truth though is that both apps need your device location to function properly. Both apps do not compromise or divulge subscribers’ information.

Why Do I Need to Switch On GPS While Sharing File?

The reason for this is both apps use Wi-Fi Direct to receive and send files through both devices. Also in lower Android versions like the Nougat and Marshmallow, the apps don’t work effectively without having the exact location of both devices.

How Does Xender Work?

Xender allows you to send pictures, videos, apps, music, and other files through the device’s hotspot without incurring network charges.

For Xender to work, the two devices have to have the app. Then one of the devices usually the one sending the files creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that the other device connects to.

To share files using Xender, launch the app on the two devices. Tap on the + button on both devices then tap on Join Group. The device sending the file should search and tap on the avatar of the receiving device, when the two devices connect tap on the files you want to send and tap send.

This link between the two devices doesn’t require an internet connection, so there are no data costs for sending the files. When the connection is made, the files to be sent are marked and sent. Sending through Xender is several times faster than sending files via Bluetooth.

Apart from the ease of transfer, Xender also backs up the files, allows for the transfer of contacts from an older phone to the new one. The app also enables file transfer between phones or tabs and PC without the PC even having the app or using the internet.

Xender can also work across the operating system platforms; android, iOS, and Windows.

How Does SHAREit Work?

Like Xender, SHAREit also shares files between two devices without using the internet. One of the advantages of SHAREit is it is compatible with PCs with a Windows 7 or 8, unlike Xender that requires Windows 10.Shareit

The app uses a Wi-Fi technology called SoftAP, this technology allows the connected devices to send and receive files to each other even in the absence of a cellular network.

To share files using the app, both devices need to have the app. The device sending the files will tap on the Send button, then click on the files you want to send and tap on Next. Note that there is no limit to the number of files you can select.

The screen shows a radar searching for the receiving device, when it finds it an avatar pops up. Tap on the avatar and the files are transferred.

Is Xender Safe?

Xender is safe, it is one of the safest file-sharing apps available. There have been no reported cases of third-party hijack during transfer. There is also a QR scan between devices before sending that encrypts the transfer process and prevents hacking.

Another thing that increases the security of the app is that Xender regularly updates its Apk file. These updates improve the app’s stability and increase overall security.


Both SHAREit and Xender are good file-sharing apps that send an unlimited number of files between devices without cellular or data costs. Both of them are safe from third-party interference, allow for unlimited file transfer and cross-platform transfer.

There is often a debate, on which application is better, my honest opinion is the both of them do what they are meant to do very well. Yes, the apps are a shade better than the other in some respects, but overall neither app will disappoint you.

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