Voloco app for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac – Free Download here

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Voloco app for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac – Free Download here

Voloco is an application which is designed to allow users sing over any music of their choice. With numerous features such as vocoding, auto voice tune, and even harmonization, Voloco is the ideal application for voice processing in real-time. Voloco is the best companion of every music lover.

Voloco app for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac – Free Download here

Features of Voloco

  • Vocoder/Auto Voice Tune: Vocoder is a unique feature integrated into Voloco application to enable users record their voices in the finest way possible.
    Voloco application is designed to work as an auto voice tune. When users sing or rap over any song or beat in Voloco app, the vocoder feature will not only guess the key of the song or beat but also tune users’ voice to that key.With Voloco, all users need do is sing over their choicest music and have it recorded beautifully by the vocoder.
  • Harmonizer/Pitch Corrector: Voloco application is fully featured to help users harmonize their voices while they sing or rap. The harmonizer feature works as an automatic tuning and tilt corrector which allows users follow their voice as they sing or rap.
    Voloco also works as a pitch corrector which ensures users get the best singing or rapping experience ever.
  • Selfies: With Voloco, users, music lovers, and musicians can create great music videos selfies. These music videos selfies can also be shared easily on various social media platforms.
  • Dozens of Presets: On Voloco, users have access to up to eight vocal effect presets. Be it the starter effect for rich harmony and noise reduction or the P-Tain effect for extreme pitch correction, all users have access to them and many more exciting effect.
  • Library: Voloco affords every user of the application access to a free beat library. The library allows users to select any beat of their choice to rap or sing over.
  • My Tracks: Voloco helps users keep track of all their recording on the application. This allows Voloco users access to all their recording easily at anytime.
  • Top Tracks: Voloco gives every user of the application instant access to the top professional quality tracks created using Voloco.

Why Voloco Should Be Downloaded on your PC

  1. Easy Download: Voloco app can be downloaded easily from any app store and installed with ease as well.
  2. Easy To Share: Music and video recorded using Voloco can be shared easily on other platforms.
  3. Small File Space: Voloco is an application that has a small file space. This ensures the application does not slow down the device it is downloaded on.
  4. Export: Voloco allow users to finish their recording on other application. This is made possible by the export feature integrated on the app.
  5. Feedback: Users can get feedback easily on all their recording on Voloco. Users can also give feedback easily to developers of the application.

Installing Voloco app On your PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac – Free Download here

Installing Voloco app on your PC via BlueStacks and other emulator please click here to start the download.