Uworld for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac – Free Download here

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Uworld for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac – Free Download here

Uworld is a mobile application created to provide students from around the world a solution to exam difficulties. Uworld provide easy access to question banks and self assessment test for high-stakes examinations.


On Uworld, students are presented with practice questions that match not only the style but also the difficulties encountered in actual exams.

If you want to install Uworld on your PC then this is the best guide for you.

Features of Uworld

  • Qbank Access: Uworld features a question bank designed by experienced educators to help students excel in various exams. The question bank fully features practice questions and well explanatory answers alongside. For each exam, Uworld mobile app is optimized to contain all high-yield topics.
  • Customize/Create New Test: With Uworld, new test can be created and customized to suit ones need. It can be customized easily to tutor mode and can also be timed. Students or users are enabled an opportunity to select the subjects they wish to practice on and many more.
  • Track Performance: Uworld is designed to enable users to track their test performance over time. Performances tracked by Uworld are equally well analyzed and presented to feature all divisions be it the main or the sub division.
  • Create/Review Notes: On Uworld, notes can be easily taken as one practice for exams. The notes taken can also be easily review at anytime by the user.
  • Resume and Review Tests: Tests taken on Uworld can be reviewed later or resumed if one stopped halfway through the test.

Why Uworld Should Be Downloaded

  1. Great User Interface: Uworld features a great user interface. The application brightness, color, and menu arrangement allows users a great learning experience always.
  2. Easy Download: Uworld can be downloaded easily from various app stores including Google Play Store.
  3. Free: Uworld application can be downloaded from any mobile app stores at no cost. It is totally free.
  4. Support Android: Uworld is designed to support android devices making it easier for many students to access the application.
  5. Regular Updates: Uworld developers update the application regularly. Bugs as well users’ complaints are fixed. Also, recommendations from users are also taken note of and worked on.
  6. News: News updates on various exams are featured on Uworld to enable students get relevant first-hand information.
  7. Easy Navigation/Functionality: Uworld is optimized for easy navigation. The menu bar is equally highly functional.
  8. Flexibility: On Uworld, users can continue from wherever they stopped and can review past activities on the application.

Installing Uworld on your PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac – Free Download here

Please follow this guide to install Uworld on your PC now