Text Fairy for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

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Text Fairy  for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

Do you need an application that can convert your mobile device to an instant text scanner? Text Fairy got your back. This app is a great scanner and translator.

It will turn your photos into texts – with a click of few buttons. In terms of accuracy, be looking towards 90% to 100%, extracting text from your image.

Text Fairy is an OCR app that was well designed to help users easily turn images/photos into live texts. What’s more fun than that? You can share the extracted file.

Installing Text Fairy On Your PC – Windows 7/8/10 And Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

Download Text Fairy on your PC click here

This review discusses some of the features and benefits of this app. Enjoy!

  • With the Text Fairy app installed on your mobile device, you can translate extracted texts into multiple languages of your choice. It comes with over fifty languages – Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Greek, German, Afrikaans, Dutch, English, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, and many more. There is fun with varieties.
  • A user of this text scanner can easily edit the OCR results. There is also an option to share them, with family and friends – on social media.
  • Apart from making it simple for users to convert an image into text file, they can also correct the viewpoint of any image. This act of editing is fun to do, working it to your taste.
  • Text Fairy makes it possible for you to convert your scanned page to a PDF file. If you want a more packaged file, this will excite you.
  • After you are done working with this app extracting text, the app allows you to copy the file into the clipboard in order to make use of it in other apps.
  • The app has scan history in case you want to trace some previous works.
  • Bear in mind that this text scanner, Text Fairy, cannot read handwritten file or document.
  • To get the best out of this app, users are encouraged to use a sharp image anytime they want to work with it. Good lighting on an image is also a plus.
  • This app can even help you scan texts from Smartphone and TV screens. You will get high accuracy from it.

Conclusion:If you truly want to turn your mobile phone to a text translator and scanner, you have the best catch here. Go for Text Fairy.

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