Tenvisty for PC (Windows 7/8/10/Mac) Computer – Free Download

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Tenvisty for PC (Windows 7/8/10/Mac) Computer – Free Download

Tenvisty is an application designed to control IP camera anytime and anywhere. Tenvisty is fully optimized by the developers’ for remote surveillance and control through video recording.

Tenvisty for PC (Windows 7/8/10/Mac) Computer – Free Download

With Tenvisty application, one can monitor their home or any other place using their mobile device using a WiFi or internet connection.

With Tenvisty installed on your PC you can carry out surveillance over anything.


Features of Tenvisty

  • Live Viewing: Tenvisty is fully featured to allow users monitor a place live and in real-time. On Tenvisty, one is guaranteed easy access to viewing and controlling their p2p cameras live from anywhere.
  • Video Recording Function: Live videos or viewing on Tenvisty can be recorded easily, saved, and viewed later. This ensures that users of Tenvisty are afforded with an opportunity to enjoy 247 remote surveillance. Be it at the office or home, Tenvisty users have access to information on what has happened.
  • Adjust Video Quality: The video quality of Tenvisty has been designed to be adjusted manually by users. This feature has been put in place by Tenvisty developers to give users the best viewing experience always.
  • Alarm Push: On Tenvisty, Users can set up remote surveillance camera system easily. This allows users get alarm notification on their mobile devices at anytime and anywhere.
  • Email Alert: Tenvisty users are afforded an opportunity to receive email alerts with a one-touch button. With the email alert provision for users by Tenvisty, users who actively or primarily use email can get to read their messages in real-time.
  • Pan and Tilt Function: Tenvisty is fully optimized to feature a pan and tilt function. This allows users to rotate the video to any angle of their choice.
  • FTP Upload: Tenvisty users can upload video captured or sound recorded on various platforms thorough FTP network.
  • Dual-way Upload: Tenvisty features a dual-way upload function. On Tenvisty, one can easily transmit audio and receive audio as well via the IP camera.

Why Tenvisty Should Be Downloaded

  1. Easy Access: Tenvisty allows users easy and unlimited access to all the application features. Also, users can access Tenvisty app on any network, be it a FTP, WiFi, or internet connection.
  2. Multiple Device Access: Be it an android operating system or IOS, Tenvisty allows all mobile devices access the app easily.
  3. Multiple Users: Tenvisty allows up to 3 users simultaneously. This implies that users of Tenvisty application can connect with friends and family at the same.
  4. Free: Tenvisty is an absolutely free application which implies that one do not have to pay to download the application.

Installing Tenvisty On your PC (Windows 7/8/10/Mac) Computer – Free Download

Installing Tenvisty On your PC can be done with the help of Nox App Player here is a simple guide for that