Sync Buzzer for PC (Download) -Windows (10,8,7,XP )Mac, Vista, Laptop for free

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Sync Buzzer for PC (Download) -Windows (10,8,7,XP )Mac, Vista, Laptop for free

The unavailability of apps that can be used to create and play quizzes among friends led to the development of the Sync Buzzer. Sync Buzzer is a gaming app for planning quizzes. In actual facts, it is just a Buzzer but it is still a little more. This is because it reveals who buzzes first.

Sync Buzzer for PC (Download) -Windows (10,8,7,XP )Mac, Vista, Laptop for free

Sync Buzzer runs on a local network, for example WiFi. To play, all devices are connected with a host device. The manager, that is the host, creates the game and the players start joining in. The app is in the recreational section, under the home and hobby category.

Benefits Of Sync Buzzer

The Sync Buzzer is just perfect for quizzing within friends. The buzzers can be identified and in cases which two participants buzz at almost the same second, the Sync Buzzer identifies who buzzes first, even if by a millisecond.

This feature has placed it above other gaming buzzers. This also sees to the elimination of cheating or arguments since the buzzers are automatic.

What’s more, no extra requirements are needed for using the app. The only criterion is the availability of a device with local network, like a portable hotspot which the players can join to play.

Features Of Sync Buzzer

The following features set Sync Buzzer above other gaming buzzers:

  • The use of a common local network, such as a portable WiFi hotspot;
  • Identifies buzzers in the order of their buzzing;
  • The manager (the host device) has controls over the game. Such controls are:
  1. Reset: Lock all the buzzes.
  2. Unlock: Unlocks all buzzes and allow games to begin or continue.
  3. Right: Locks all buzzes and permits only the player that buzzes. This option is only available when a player buzzes.
  4. Wrong: Locks the buzz of the player who has answered wrongly and unlocks the buzzes of others who haven’t answered.
  • Buzzers can come in three colors:
  1. Turned off red: Locked.
  2. Turned on red: Unlocked.
  3. Turned on Green: First buzzer.
  • There are two categories available for play. They are the ‘Free For All’ mode and the ‘Team’ mode.

Installing Sync Buzzer on your PC (Download) -Windows (10,8,7,XP )Mac, Vista, Laptop for free

With BlueStacks emulator (instruction is here), running Sync Buzzer on your PC becomes possible

Sync Buzzer is the right app for quizzes. With it, quizzing within friends cannot possibly go wrong. With all forms of shortcomings, such as cheating, erased, you and your friends can now quiz for long hours without bad blood or arguments. Sync Buzzer is free.