SupperLive Plus app for PC (Download) -Windows (10,8,7,XP ) Vista Mac Laptop for free

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SupperLive Plus app for PC (Download) -Windows (10,8,7,XP ) Vista Mac Laptop for free

If you have ever wanted to download SupperLive Plus app on your PC which is a professional mobile phone client software on your windows or Mac system then this page will guide you through.

App ByPeng Antai
First releasedNov 18 2015
App permissioncamera, storage, phone

You might be wondering what SupperLive Plus app is capable of doing, well With SupperLive Plus app you can freely connect and turn your camera on your device to CCTV surveillance tool which helps you to records live event around you.

With this app you don’t need to worry your self about heavy cable connection as everything is now been down through a more reliable and convenient wireless network.

This has to be either through your wifi connection or through your 3G, 4G internet connection SupperLive Plus app is not only a home thing you can actually deploy it usage in your offices or anywhere you want to carry out surveillance on.

With just a single click you are done with the set up process which means you don’t have to be a tech savvy to get this app running. SupperLive Plus app was designed by Peng Antai for mobile users but we have realized that most people will find it difficult switching device hence they will like to have this app on their PC at all cost.

Steps On How you can Manage Cams through SuperLive Plus

First thing foremost you need to install the app on your PC, don’t worry we are going to give you the installation process later on this article.

But once SuperLive Plus has been installed you just need to configure the app with IP by carefully entering the IP address of your camera in SuperLive Plus. If you entered the right IP address then you will be able to record and watch live event instantly.

Do I need internet connection before SuperLive Plus works?

Yes you need a reliable internet connection because SuperLive Plus is heavily dependent on internet connection for it to work properly. The better the internet connection the better you can capture live event around you.

Features of SuperLive Plus

From experience we have been able to identify two key features of this app and they are :

  1. Video Recorder: the app allows you to record live event just like we pointed out. The amount of video you can record depend on your memory space because at the end of the day everything is stored in your internal memory, if you happen to have not enough space that means little will be recorded. Please note that you aren’t only limited to your internal memory, you can decide to save your videos to cloud
  2. Alert & Notification: this is the best feature i love about the app, you can sit down all day monitoring what is going on through out the day. With the help of Technology such as face recognition and other features you can get an alert immediately something unusual has been spotted.

Procedure on how to download SuperLive Plus on PC and Mac

Downloading SuperLive Plus on PC and Mac is now possible through various brands of emulator. You can pick the one best suitable for you from BlueStacks , Andy OS to even Nox App Player, all can do the job for you. After downloading any of this app based on your preference, you have to install and launch it.

  1. If you are installing SupperLive Plus from Google play store which is highly recommended you can as well sign in to your Google account before installing it.
  2. You can still choose to download the APK from any trusted site online then drag and drop the akp into the emulator.
  3. If all we stated here is not click then click on this download link to get a better view through the pictorial illustration we made available here.