Smart AudioBook Player for PC / Mac / Windows 7/8/10 / Computer – Free Download

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Smart AudioBook Player for PC / Mac / Windows 7/8/10 / Computer – Free Download

We’ve seen many music-playing, sound-making and other audio-related apps dominate the internet for many years, thanks to countless apps builders who expertly know how to come up with breathtaking apps.

Smart AudioBook Player for PC / Mac / Windows 7/8/10 / Computer – Free Download

However, one of the best audio-related apps presently making headlines among many phone users is the Smart AudioBook Player.

Smart AudioBook Player is an awesome app with breathtaking features that allows you play and enjoy any genre or type of audio book to the fullest.

This application has been in existence for a while and it’s rated as one of the best apps that give you the opportunity to hear every bit of words or sentences in your audio books.

Mouthwatering Features of Smart AudioBook Player

Smart AudioBook Player is one of the apps you can’t afford not to have on your phone or computer because of its ability to help you read all your audio books in an understandable and comprehensive manner.

This functions are made possible due to some features the application possesses. These features are discussed below:

  1. It Enhances Chromecast : You could be wondering what does Chromecast stands for, Chromecast is a device that gives you the room to watch any videos of your choice as long as it is connected to your TV’s HDMI port via USB cable. It also provides you the chance to stream live videos on Netflix, YouTube and others platforms. Hence, Smart AudioBook Player doesn’t only help you read your audio books, it also gives you opportunity to watch video via Chromecast.
  2. Speed Control Feature : With Smart AudioBook Player, you can control the speed at which your books are being played. This wonderful app contains a playback speed control feature that allows you to reduce or increase the speed as the case may be.
  3. Classification of Books : It automatically classify the number of audio books present in your file or SD card. Whenever you download a new audio book, smart AudioBook Player will automatically add it to ‘new book’ folder. Once you have started playing any book, this app will equally add it to ‘started’ folder. It will also do the same to the books you’ve successfully finished reading.
  4. It Automatically Saves the Progress Made on Each Book : With Smart AudioBooks Player, you don’t need to wait to finish one book before starting another one. It automatically saves the progress you made on all the books your read or play. This means that you will continue your book whenever you wish to read/listen to it, even if you have played another book with the app.

Other features include :

  • You can Create List of characters on the app
  • Application widget, which gives room for you to control the app from your phone’s or laptop’s home screen.
  • Playback History
  • It’s Ad-free

Where To Download Smart AudioBook Player

This app functions effectively on Android phones, Tablets, iPhone, and Laptop. You can download the latest version of this app on Google Play Store and IOS Store, depending on your device’s capacity.

Installing Smart AudioBook Player on PC / Mac / Windows 7/8/10 / Computer – Free Download

There is only one way to play Smart AudioBook Player on your PC and that way is through an Emulator like BlueStacks or NoxPlayer software just click here to start the downloading process.