Samsung Smart TV and Internet Browser : See 9 Amazing things you should know |A must read

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Samsung Smart TV and Internet Browser : See 9 Amazing things you should know |A must read

Samsung is one of the best smart TV manufacturers in the market today. With the availability of different models and ranging prices, you can get a Samsung smart TV that suits your budget at any electrical outlet.

With your Samsung smart TV owner’s manual, you can get to know a lot about the functions your device is capable of performing.Samsung smart TV

However, if you don’t have an owner’s manual or you have one but you are finding it hard to understand the Internet browser features, this article is for you.

I’ll be answering some common questions most Samsung smart TV owners ask in the most basic way for you to fully grasp the knowledge present.

Is there a web browser on Samsung Smart Tv?

Yes, there is. Samsung smart TV now comes with an integrated internet browser feature.

The web browser has pre-installed software and can be updated regularly on the app store.

To access your web browser feature, just search for the internet icon on your launched menu.

One of the features of this web browser is that your search history, data, and cache can be deleted.

A downside to this pre-installed web browser is that some models are not agreeable with HTTPS websites despite having the latest software.

It is also possible for an older model to lose its web browser features, but this only happens when Samsung no longer supports the web features of the device.

How to launch your web browser:

  • Connect TV to ‘internet’
  • Go to your ‘smart hub center’
  • Click on ‘web/internet browser’.

Why is there no web browser on my Samsung Smart Tv?

This could be due to different reasons.

First, if you previously had the web browser on your device and it mysteriously became missing, that is an indirect way of discovering your Samsung smart TV is no longer supported by the Samsung browser features- it is most likely an older model.

Another reason is that your Samsung smart TV did not come with a pre-installed web browser due to its model. Also, the web browser features might have been locked unintentionally by someone with access to your TV.

Finally, it might be due to a mistake from your end. The internet browser app was probably uninstalled by you or someone else with access to your smart tv’s remote

Read on for a preferred solution given in the next question.

How do I get a web browser in my Samsung Smart Tv?

Before I answer this, I want to state that you might have a web browser named internet function on your smart TV.

If your device does not have a web browser, you can download one from the Samsung TV app store; to do this effectively, you have to know the details of the device model for you to download a compatible web browser.

If your Tv model does not support the download of a browser, you can work around this with the tv’s remote access function; you only need an HDMI, or a streaming stick, or a screen mirror device.

This way you can make use of the web browser on another device and view it on your tv screen.

How do I unlock the web browser on Samsung Smart Tv?

Most times a web browser is locked as a form of child control, other times it could be due to a bug present on the Samsung Smart TV.

To unlock the locked web browser, you can attempt to reset your smart hub screen. Although to be on the safer side, I’d suggest you contact the Samsung Remote Management team.

Can you install and update chrome on Samsung Smart Tv?

No! Chrome is unavailable for downloads on the Samsung smart TV app store irrespective of the device model.

Samsung uses a specialized web browser that can’t be replaced due to its Tizen operating system. It is only available for download on android tvs.

However, with the chrome cast feature, you can work your way around installing the chrome app on your Samsung smart tv.

Some of these include

  • Using your PC and HDMI to view chrome on your smart tv.
  • Using the screen mirror app on other devices.

You mustn’t try to hack your device’s OS to download chrome, cause it would have adverse effects.

Can you access any website on Samsung smart Tv?

No, you cannot. The basic function of a smart TV is internet connectivity and the pathway you use in reaching your web browser app depends on the model of your smart TV.

However, a few months ago, some Samsung customers began to notice the loss in functionality of the Samsung internet features.

It became impossible to access HTTPS secure sites through the tv on some models. When these sites are tried, an error message pops up.

Other websites and apps can, however, be accessed, so far there is an internet connection.

Other popular unrelated questions…

How do I close the apps on my Samsung Smart Tv?

The idle apps in the background of our smart hub consume a lot of data, so this question is not a surprise.

Restarting the TV each time can help put off these apps especially when you have no backup power for your smart tv.

Another way is by a hard reboot of your smart TV; this can be done by pressing down your power button for a few seconds till the TV automatically shuts down.

Then you power it on after, this would close the apps temporarily till you open them back up again.

Multitasking is one of the causes of these apps being opened. Pressing ‘back’ on your remote control does not effectively close the apps, it only returns you to previous input.

Why won’t my smart Tv connect to my wireless Internet?

Without an internet connection, your smart TV is basically a regular TV. In this type of situation, when you try to connect to your wireless internet, you’d get a series of error messages on your screen. This could be the effect of a bug or an error in the server settings.

To fix this, we’ll suggest you;

  • Get an updated software
  • Check your router and restart your smart tv
  • Disconnect and change your passwords

If none of the above works, you can contact your smart tv’s customer service for assistance.

How do I get google on my Smart Tv?

Smart TVs do not allow direct installation of other browser apps except the pre-installed internet app.

However, the easiest way to do this is to install google chrome on your smart TV not manufactured by Samsung or Sony.

Or you can connect to your PC with your HDMI or screencast features with your other devices to access Google services.

If your smart TV is not running an Android operating system, you cannot access google on it.

I hope I’ve been able to educate you on the Samsung Smart Tv internet features with my well-researched answers.

I hope you make use of these replies in utilizing your device’s functionality.

If you have other questions, feel free to include them in the comment box.

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