Polbox App for PC (Download) -Windows (10,8,7,XP )Mac, Vista, Laptop for free

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Polbox App for PC (Download) -Windows (10,8,7,XP )Mac, Vista, Laptop for free

Now that video streaming has gone mainstream with the advent of global service such as hulu, roku, Netflix and others, there exists a need for streaming apps to fill niches which the mainstream services aren’t able to do. Polbox is one of such Apps.

Polbox App for PC (Download) -Windows (10,8,7,XP )Mac, Vista, Laptop for free

Streaming Polish Content is one niche which many haven’t thought about. Polbox does exactly that!

Usability and design of Polbox app

The App is easy to use, installation doesn’t seem to be problematic and allows to even store the streams in an archive.
The great part about the service is that over 100 Polish Channels can be viewed from within the App.
With the same subscription, different devices can view content.

Features and functionality

  • -Live streaming,
  • -Multiroom capabilities,
  • -Video Archive (up to two weeks)
  • -Parental Control features,
  • -Multiscreen Abilities,
  • -High Definition (HD) Streaming,
  • -Radio Streaming,
  • – Times-shift ( Watch your favorite programs at your own time),-

Flexibility Polbox app

All you need to use this app apart from your subscription to the service is an internet connection. The great part about using this service is that your content is available in an online archive.
With the ability for you to watch your programs up to 14 days after broadcast, this is definitely the kind of flexibility which is required!

Performance Polbox app

Polbox is above par when it comes to broadcasting and rebroadcasting of Polish Content. The very idea of aggregating all Polish content into one place makes it easy for Poles and friends of Poland to be able to connect to Poland without being there.

There is very little lag time when it comes to the streaming service. Excellent Audio-Visuals make the streaming service to be at par with the big guys on the block.

Downloading and installing Polbox App for PC (Download) -Windows (10,8,7,XP )Mac, Vista, Laptop for free

Polbox App for PC? Click here to start downloading Polbox App on your PC now.

Pros Polbox app

  • -Great Content,
  • -Single Niche Market,
  • -Excellent consumer model,

Cons Polbox app

  • Limited to Polish content only.

Missing Features

  • Nil

Other Comments
These guys don’t play with their people. They know their onions and are willing to help out whenever problems occur.


  • 3.5 stars.

Verdict Polbox

It is an interesting platform. This is one app that was developed out of National Pride. If there were more app such as this one, Global cultural harmony will be more easily achieved.

Polbox is innovation at it’s best. They are the First in the field of Polish content distribution. You can’t beat them without being more innovative than they have been. Thumbs Up!