Photofy for PC / Mac / Windows 7/8/10 / Computer – Free Download

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Photofy for PC / Mac / Windows 7/8/10 / Computer – Free Download

Do you love editing pictures by adding some beautiful effects and portraits to them? If yes, then, Photofy is an application you can’t do without.

Photofy for PC / Mac / Windows 7/8/10 / Computer – Free Download

In this article you shall get to know how to install Photofy on your windows or Mac operating system.

What’s all about Photofy?

This is one of the best photo-beautifying applications you can ever come across in this contemporary world. It is equally one of the most sought-after applications capable of giving your pictures an attractive and gorgeous appearance.

Photofy, according to, was developed in Raleigh NC in 2013 and it’s highly rated by many of its users across many social media platforms.

Why Photofy is a Must-have Application For You

This wonderful and breathtaking application doesn’t just add beauty to your pictures or photos, it equally ensures that your photo’s frame and overall outlook is well-designed. This makes your photo looks more attractive, more valuable and more marketable.

Features That Excellently Distinguish Photofy From Other Apps

The aforementioned functions are carried out by Photofy as result of its diverse features which are listed below.

Meanwhile, we shall be be classifying this features under various categories including the editing category; Text and overlay category among others.

  • Editing Category

There are numerous features involved in this category, and they are listed alongside their respective functions below :

  1. Adjust : Adjust, as the name implies, gives you the opportunity to amend or reshape the size of your photo to any size and design of your choice. With the adjust feature, you can have a square, portrait, landscape size or shape for your photo.
  2. Ratio: This feature renders you the chance to crop useful areas of your photo, while the unwanted parts can be deleted (depending on your preference anyway)
  3. Filters : This is another feature that makes Photofy stands out among its peers. Filters give you the room to control the brightness, colour, contrast and saturation level of your photo in order to make it suit your taste.
  4. Instasquare : A well-edited photo deserves to be on Instagram, hence, you need to explore this feature because it gives your photo a perfect-square shape ready to be uploaded on your Instagram account.
  5. Light fx : This feature gives you the chance to apply light effects on your photo to get the best out of it.
  6. Mirror : With this Mirror feature, you can develop or create diverse reflections of your image just to be sure that your picture appears good.

Other features include PHOTO BLUR, PHOTO SHARPEN which helps in having a clean and neat photo edges.

Text and Overlays Category

  1. Artwork & Stickers :With over 40,000 stickers and artworks, Photofy — via this feature — will surely make your picture look more beautiful than its initial appearance.
  2. Frames: This feature allows you to choose — from over 10,000 frames — the frame that best suits your taste. It also gives you the incredible opportunity to make your photo looks professional.
  3. Free Font for Text: Do you intend writing a short text on your photo? This feature gives you the best chance to choose different fonts that will add more beauty to your short message.
  4. Collage :You can add more than three pictures into one frame with this feature.

Other features in this category include Meme, Share, Shape Masks, Logo Plus, Stock Photos and Templates.

Installing Photofy on PC / Mac / Windows 7/8/10 / Computer – Free Download

You need a compatible Emulator to install Photofy on your PC. We strongly recommend you stick with either BlueStacks or Nox App Player which will do a good job for you. Click here to install Photofy on your PC now.