Orweb: Private Web Browser for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

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Orweb: Private Web Browser for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

In these days of technological advancement where privacy is now a bone of contention, the Orweb privacy web browser has emerged as the saviour that would protect one’s web identity from the hands of service providers and enemies alike (lol).

This browser by Tor endows users with a two in one blessing which is anonymity and security. In other words, it grants users the ability to access any domain anonymously and securely. And by any website, it means orweb breaks down the walls of restriction set by your network providers, allowing you visit them protected and completely invisible.

Therefore, you cannot be tracked. Neither can you be hit by harmful viruses. Basically, this browser just seeks to protect your interest and keep your personal data safe and untraceable. To successfully use Orweb, it is required for users and potential users to install Orbot

Orweb: Private Web Browser for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

Features of Orweb: Private Web Browser

  1. Browsing history: In order to prevent intruders from monitoring your browsing history, Orweb browser was designed not to save your browsing history. In other words, every time you browse with Orweb, it automatically deletes or clears all the details of the sites you visited as well as what you did on the site. Thus, when next you visit a site you have visited before on the Orweb browser, do not be surprised when you realize that your passwords, history personal data has been wiped.
  2. COOKIE CONTROL: Orweb bestows on you the ability to prevent sites you visit from installing cookies which could automatically track your activities.
  3. ANONIMITY: Because this browser is enabled by Tor, it becomes increasingly difficult for anyone to detect personal details like who you are, where you are browsing from etc. In other words, you literally become a ghost whenever you browse with the Orweb browser. Thus, keeping you safe from stalkers and spies alike.
  4. JAVASCRIPT ATTACKS: Another amazing feature of this software is that, by default, it protects and is resistant to JavaScripts attacks as well as other malicious software attack.
  5. BYPASS: Orweb in partnership with Orbot allows individual circumvent firewalls and web filters without being discovered. In other words, one can freely access websites that would normally be restricted by service providers etc.

Installing Orweb: Private Web Browser on your PC

This article is about installing and running Orweb private browser on your windows or Mac operating system. Hence the best way to go about this is by making use of BlueStacks or NoxPlayer emulator to run a Mobile app on PC.

Pros of Orweb: Private Web Browser

  • It is easy to use
  • It keeps you safe from malicious contents
  • It grants you unrestricted access to restricted websites
  • It allows you conceal your identity as, although communication from a Tor browser can be detected, it is quite difficult unraveling who or where it is from

Cons of Orweb: Private Web Browser

  • Because the Orweb browser doesn’t connect you like VPNs and Proxies, the connecting process can take a little longer than regular browsers.
  • It is only available for android users, PC users via an Emulator and not IOS users
  • In recent times, a bug has been detected in the Orweb browser. This has compromised the security level of the browser, making one’s real IP obtainable.

In conclusion, the Orweb browser seems good initially. Nevertheless, for security reasons, it would not hurt to try other privacy browsers such as Orfox. This is because there have been recent reports that the domains of some Orweb users have been uncovered and traced.

Click here to install Orweb: Private Web Browser on your Pc