Omni Crypt app for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac – Free Download here

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Omni Crypt app for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac – Free Download here

Omni Crypt is a free system maintenance software application designed to monitor and convert WhatsApp .crypt5-12 files to .crypt legacy encryption. Omni Crypt is an application that runs as a background service.

Omni Crypt app for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac – Free Download here

It also works well as an independent WhatsApp .crypt5-12 files recrypter or decrypter. Also, Omni Crypt works well with Android operating system and will also work well on your windows or Mac operating system with our guide. This app is available in English.

Features of Omni Crypt

  • Background Task: Omni Crypt is designed to work exclusively as a background task. Be it the manual decrypt or recrypt task, Omni Crypt runs the task on the background and displays a progress bar. This is to enable the UI thread not to be freezed or cluttered while dealing with large databases.
  • Regular Backup File Check: Omni Crypt is optimized to perform a regular backup file check. WhatsApp is designed to be memory and process aware, yet not all backups occur around 4am. Also, manual backup needs to be triggered. For this reason, Omni Crypt performs a backup check every 15 minutes.
  • Locked Screen Orientation: Omni Crypt is built to keep the screen orientation of android devices locked whilst manually recrypting or decrypting. This is to ensure that the recrytping or decrypting process is left uninterrupted or terminated precociously when the task is unfinished.
  • SMS Backup: Omni Crypt is SMS backup aware. For this reason, it sends an intent notification to trigger the backup process if it is installed.
  • Alert/Notification: The background service of Omni Crypt is designed to publish a notification and alert after each recryption or decryption task.
  • Incremental Mode: Omni Crypt features an incremental mode that creates .crypt and .db files containing new messages not backed during the last cycle.

Why Omni Crypt Should be Downloaded and installed on your PC

  1. Easy Download and Installation:Omni Crypt can be easily downloaded on major app stores and also installed in real-time.
  2. Video Tutorial: For people having difficulty in using and enabling Omni Crypt on android devices, a video tutorial has been put together to solve the problem.
  3. Enable/Disable Background Service: Background service of Omni Crypt can be enabled and disabled easily.
  4. Android Support: Omni Crypt supports devices running on android 2.1 and above. This gives majority of Android users an opportunity to use Omni Crypt.

Omni Crypt app on your PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac – Free Download here

To Install Omni Crypt app on your PC please follow this link