Ip Camera vs HDR Camera – honest review

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Ip Camera vs Camera – a honest review

There are many IP camera applications and Camera on Google play or Ios store, likewise, there are many cameras for PC scattered across the internet, and we obviously can’t mention or list all of them.

Alternatively, we pick one example of an IP camera application and one example of a camera for PC to discuss. We shall be looking at each app’s functions, size and how to utilize them.

We shall equally discuss their similarities, differences and why it is important you have both applications on your smartphone and your PC.

We’ve had some much for the introduction, let’s dive into the business of the day by unveiling some unknown facts about IP Camera.

IP Camera

IP Camera1.0
 25 Dec 2014
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.3+ (Jelly Bean) and up
App categoryVideo Players & Editors
App idfr.nawrasg.atlantis.ipcamera
DeveloperNawras GEORGI

Download from Play store

The IP camera is an application that provides you with an opportunity to convert your smartphone into a surveillance device. What this means that you can monitor, record or view everything thing that happens in your home or environment using your phone even when you are far from home.

How Is This Possible ?

Once you get the IP camera application on your smartphone device, launch you the app on your phone and placed it in a place where no one (intruders or strangers) will be able to see it.

Meanwhile, you will need to get a device or another phone that will serve as a template where you can watch everything recorded by the IP camera on the other phone.

It is important you know that there’s is a need for strong internet connection or a Wi-Fi connection before you can enjoy this service because the IPt be connected to the viewing device (or video surveillance software) such IP camera viewer or Security Monitor Pro.

Important Features Of IP Camera App

  1. It Requires Only Wi-Fi Connection: It doesn’t need a USB cable connection to function, it only requires an active and working network connection such as Wi-Fi.
  2. It Can Be Controlled To Carry Out Multiple Functions: Once the app is connected to a viewing device, you can command it to carry out some functions — including taking pictures, sending notifications straight to your email address and other activities — using the available options on your video surveillance devices /software.
  3. You can control the length at which your phone’s screen should remain on or off. This feature provides you with a chance to get the best out of your phone’s battery.
  4. Password Setting: This feature gives you the ultimate control over your application as you can decide to change your to a complex one if there’s the need for it. You can activate a password that can’t be forged by intruders.
  5. Flashlight: You can switch on the app’s flashlight in case there is a total blackout in the area you intend placing the IP camera app.
  6. Diverse Languages: IP Camera app supports more than four languages, hence, you don’t need a translator before you can get the best of it. Some supported languages include:
  7. Supports multiple languages including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch.

Camera For PC

As mentioned in the first paragraph of the article there are many cameras for PC, but we will be speaking on the HDR camera for PC.

HDR Camera For PC

HDR Camera1.11.9
 19 Mar 2016
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.3+ (Jelly Bean) and up
App categoryVideo Players & Editors
App idcom.ezprt.hdrcamera

Download here

This is one of the PC cameras making headline in the tech industry, thanks to its uncompromising features that provide you with the chance to edit, beautify and sharing your pictures on social media platforms.

Features Of HDR Camera On PC

* Photo Combination

One of the major important or features of this application is photo-combining ability. With this feature, you can join two or more photos to become one while you add some beautiful effects to it.

You can edit all pictures to your satisfaction before combining them together to produce a result that suits your taste and desire.

* photo-Beautifying Features

This is another feature of the awesome PC application that will definitely attract your attention. With this attribute, you can add style, grid, filters (including cartoon-vintage and sepia-glass), colour and other mind-blowing effects to your photos, and make them look more attractive than their initial stage.

You can equally make your pictures appear in a cartoon-like manner, this is feature is mostly explored by parents who love to impress their little children.

* In-built Memory Feature

You don’t need to worry if your pictures are saved or not, this is because the app has up to 32-megabyte in-built memory where you can instantly save you pictures as soon as you take them.

* Selfie Enhancement

You don’t need to wait for someone to take snap you, thanks to the selfie enhancement feature. There is a front camera present in the HDR camera for PC application which allows you to take pictures of yourself without help.

* Zooming Feature

Thus feature helps you bring far images closer to you while you take their picture. This feature will help you take people’s pictures without their knowledge because you have all it takes to zoom their image to perfect shape and size.

* Sharing Feature

Share your photos with your friends on social media via this feature. Connect to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wechat and other social media platforms to share to photo adventure.

Similarities Between IP Camera and Camera On PC

  • Both apps can take photos

Differences Between The Two Important Apps

  • IP Camera requires an internet connection to function perfectly, while PC Camera does not.
  • IP Camera is strictly utilized for security purposes, while PC Camera is more or less a social app.
  • IP Camera can be controlled without touching it as long as it’s connected to a video surveillance device or software, unlike PC Camera that you need to touch to control it.

installation of HDR Camera on Window 10 PC

We had like you to kindly download and launch Nox app player.

You need to click on the Google play icon

It’s important you get a Gmail account sign up or you sign in 8f you already have

Finally search for HDR Camera on play store

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