IP Cam Viewer Lite and IPCamP2P app review

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IP Cam viewer Lite is an application that turns your Android devices into a home surveillance software where you can access or control your IP camera wherever you find yourself.

The application has loads of features that allow you to keep track of how events unfold in your home or environment as long as they are recorded or captured by your IP camera.

Download IP Cam Viewer Lite

Apart from providing you with a great opportunity to monitor or control your IP camera, IP cam viewer lite application also ensures that you have the sovereign power over your network recorder, Webcam and digital video recorder as you can connect the app to all the listed devices without the need of cable wires.

Having said that, let’s quickly glance through the features of this awesome security app, and see why you can’t afford not to have it on your android or Smartphone devices.

Feature Of IP Cam Viewer Lite

  • It Supports Over 1600 Video-recording/ Security Devices

You can connect more than 1600 video-recording or security devices, including NVRs and DVRs, to this app as long as they are among the list of supported devices.

Note that video-recording devices (as used in this context) mean IP cameras and other security-related tools that possess the ability to camera/ capture events. This tools also have the ability to connect to IP viewers via an internet network.

  • It Enhances PTZ Control

IP Cam Viewer Lite is among few IP camera viewers that support PTZ control. With this feature, you can Pan (viewing recorded video in a horizontal position for a clearer view), tilt or zoom your video or images when watching them.

  • Strong Password Protection

With the possession of SSL/HTTPS and cloudless privacy, password and other private information are perfectly secured by the app.

You don’t have to freight whether your password is saved or not, you only need to be careful not to reveal it to someone yourself.

  • Transfer of Files

You can send or receive important files/ documents on the application through SD card, Dropbox and email address.

  • 24-hour viewing mode

With this feature, you can view everything happening in your house without missing a second of the action. This is because you have the privilege to stay connected to your IP camera for 24 hours.

Other features include the following:

  1. Widget Enhancement
  2. No Ads (only available on the pro version)
  3. Broad protocol such as RTSP/ONVIF/MMSH are equally supported by the brainstorming app.
  4. Motion Detector
Other Important Information To NoteSize33 MB
Number of Installations10,000,000+
Latest Version6.9.2
Where to downloadGoogle Play store or IOS App store, depending on your device.
It is compatible withAndroid 4.1 and above.


IPCAMP2P is another app which enhances the security of your house, home and properties, just like the IP Cam viewer LITE. This app allows you to connect two IP cameras together, thereby, allowing you to view more than one locations simultaneously.

Download IPCamP2P

Features Of IPCamP2P Software

  • It Supports Talkback And Monitor Audio

You can control your IP camera without pressing any button on your viewing device or video surveillance software. Just command it through your voice while it carries out your order immediately.

The most interesting part of the IPCAMP2P software is the ability to speak to you in an oral way. However, you need to get a paid version of the app to enjoy this wonderful feature.

  • PTZ Control Enhancement

This feature is also available on the app, just like the IP Cam viewer lite, and it provides you with the chance to properly view what your IP cameras have recorded or captured.

  • It Supports Quick capture of Images (Snapshot)

Do you see any suspicious movement made by anyone in your house, and you wish to capture the image? You can do it via this feature.

This feature is designed to help you take quick pictures of image or someone making some suspicious movements. It is important you know that this feature is often referred to as ‘Snapshot’ in many IP apps, including this one.

Other features include the following:

  1. It supports Wi-Fi setting.
  2. It supports multiple languages, including English, French and Chinese.

Other Important Facts About The App

Other Important Facts About The AppSize4.8 MB
Number of Installations at Google Play Store100,000+
Latest Version of the app31.0
Compatible Android2.2 and above

Similarities Between IP Cam Viewer Lite And IPCamP2P

Both apps are created mainly for security purposes.

Both apps need to be connected to an IP Camera for topnotch performance.

Differences Between The Two Softwares

  • IPcamP2P supports audio talkback which isn’t supported by the IP camera Viewer Lite
  • IP cam viewer lite functions only as IP camera viewer while the P2P serves as a viewing device and as a source of connection for two IP cameras.

installation of IP Cam Viewer Lite Vs IPCamP2P on Window 10

We had like you to kindly download and launch Nox app player.

You need to click on the Google play icon

It’s important you get a Gmail account sign up or you sign in 8f you already have

Finally search for IP Cam Viewer Lite Vs IPCamP2P on play store

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