IP Cam Viewer Basic and Icamviewer IP Camera Viewer

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IP Cam Viewer Basic VS Icamviewer IP Camera Viewer

The IP camera is relatively useless without the use of video surveillance software or a viewing device that is used in controlling or gaining access to all the footages or pictures captured by the IP camera.

This is one, if not the major, reason why people often choose to download IP Cam Viewer Basic app on their smartphone or Android devices because it allows them to connect to their IP camera without hitches or stress.

You don’t know what an IP Cam Viewer Basic means? Don’t feel bad. Take your time to read this article with all concentration as we are about to reveal everything fact about the app and why you must have it on your device.

We will equally move a step further by comparing and contrasting it with another app (icamviewer Ip Camera viewer) which has almost the same with the IP Cam Viewer Basic software.

What’s IP Cam Viewer Basic

IP Cam Viewer Basic is an Android or iPhone application which serves or provides you with a template where you can view and control all the videos recorded by your IP camera.

IP Cam Viewer Basic

Download IP CamViewer Basic

This software also ensures that you have an unrivaled opportunity to control your IP camera, network recorder, webcam and digital video recorder without a cable connection.

The award-winning application is highly utilized by security agencies and individuals who want 100% security for their homes and companies.

Feature Of IP Cam Viewer Basic

  • It supports over 1600 devices, including NVRs and DVRs.
  • PTZ Control Or Enhancement: This feature is one that allows you to control the appearance of your the video recorded by your IP camera. You can pan, tilt, or zoom the video/image recorded by your IP camera without touching the camera.
  • It Supports Broad protocol such as RTSP/ONVIF/MMSH.
  • Maximum Password Protection: Your password is secured, hence you don’t need to panic whether intruders will hack your account or not. This his because the app consists of SSL/HTTPS and cloudless privacy.
  • You can export or import files via SD card, Dropbox and email address.
  • Widget Enhancement : You don’t need to waste time searching for the app on your device, just create the app’s widget on your device’s home screen and lock screen.

Other Features Of Paid Version of the App Include:

* No Ads

* In-built Motion Detector’s Notification system

* 24-hour video recording mode which allows the app to maintain 24/7 recording abilities.

Other Important Information
Size = 32M

Number of Users = 5,000,000+
Current Version = 6.9.2

Supported Android = 4.1 and above.

We can’t compare IP Cam Viewer Basic software to Icamviewer Ip Camera Viewer app without discussing what the latter stands for, and its functions.

So, Let’s quickly unveil some important facts you need to know about the icamviewer IP Camera viewer.

What’s Icamviewer IP Camera Viewer?

Just like the IP Cam viewer Basic, this provides you with a chance to view live video from IP camera.

Download Icamviewer IP Camera Viewer

However, the slight difference between the two apps is that the icamviewer IP Camera viewer helps you view live video from CCTV cameras as long as a supported network video server is readily available or actively connected.

It is important you know that this app works perfectly on all Tablets and iPhone but it’s only compatible with few Android devices.

It is equally mandatory you know that some IP cameras can’t be connected to the application, therefore, all IP cameras can’t be viewed using the app.

List Of IP Cameras Supported By Icamviewer IP Camera Viewer App

The following list of IP Cameras can be viewed by the application. They include: 7Links, Abus, ACTi, Advance Agasio, AirLive, Apexis, Asante, Avtech, Axis, Bluestork, Brickcom, CCTV Camera Pros, Cisco, Compro, D-Link, DB Power, EasyN, Ebode, Edimax, Elro Foscam, Geovision, Heden, Honeywell, iCAMView, Instar, Intellinet, Level One, LinkPro, LinksSys, LogiLink, Messoa, Mobotix, Nexxt Solutions, Panasonic, Piczel, Promelit, Secureye, Smarthome, Sony, Speco, StarDot, Stip Electronics, Swann, Sygonix, Tenvis, TP-Link, TRENDnet, TURBOX, Vilar, Vipcam, Vivotek, Vonnic, Wanscam, Wansview, WatchBot, X-10, Zavio, ZyXEL.

Features Of Icamviewer IP Camera Viewer

This application shares most functions with IP Cam Viewer Basic. However, there are some additions such as:

* User’s Setup-guide

This feature serves as a template where you are thought how to utilize the app for perfect results. With this feature, you will know how to launch the app and how to connect it with your IP Camera.

* Shop for Compatible Cameras in the App

You can purchase supported IP cameras via this feature in case your camera isn’t compatible with the software.

Other Important Information About the App
Size: 34M

* Over 500,000 Android Users have downloaded the utility app, according to Google Play Store.

* It works perfectly only on Android 4.2 and above.

Having discussed exclusively on Icamviewer Ip Camera viewer, we can now compare the two apps.

Similarities Between IPCam Viewer Basic And iCamViewer IP Camera Viewer

  • Both apps serve as IP camera viewer
  • Both apps are classified into Utility software by Google Play Store
  • Both apps are developed mainly for security purposes as they allow you to monitor your home and environment.

IP Cam Viewer Basic and Icamviewer IP Camera Viewer

We had like you to kindly download and launch Nox app player.

You need to click on the Google play icon

It’s important you get a Gmail account sign up or you sign in 8f you already have

Finally search for IP Cam Viewer Basic or Icamviewer IP Camera Viewer on play store

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