How to find the value and price of a rare stamp

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This article will give you a guide on how to easily find the true value of rare stamps and how to easily authenticate if the stamps are genuine before selling them.

Probably you ran into your father’s or grand father’s old box then discovered some few stamps collection that have existed for years carefully packed in the box.
How to find the value of a rare stamp
What comes next into your mind is either to sell it or just keep it up but for most people they will likely look for how to dispose these stamps to the highest bidder;but before you try selling your stamps it’s important you know the value of the stamps.

Not all stamps have great value in fact some old or rare stamps are as worthless as paper and won’t fetch you good amount of money if sold, let’s take a look at the important factors you should watch out on a stamp

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factors that determines the price of stamp

There are some factors that determine the value of a stamps apart from demand and supply and we are going to discuss on few of them here.

Age: the age of a stamp goes a long way to determine its value, if you look at some of the world’s most expensive stamps today are all dated back to the 17 century and below.

scarcity: most of the world’s most valuable stamps are few in numbers, this scarcity makes them even difficult to get hence driving their value upwards.

rarity:stamps that rare are mostly expensive, this is one of the main factors that is responsible for the high value of most stamps, in fact the British Guiana 1 Cent Magenta is valued about $9 million and there is only one left in the whole world as of today.

Other things that determines the value of a stamps are condition, variety etc.

authenticate if your stamps are genuine

Fraud exist everywhere and it is not limited philatelic materials, there have been report where people have attempted to make fake stamps just to fool potential buyers with the sole aim of making quick money.

It’s important you validate your stamps so that you don’t get your self into trouble with the authorities. We understand that not everyone will have an idea to find out if their stamps are fake or not, to save stress just visit a stamp dealers close by.
Most stamp dealers will even give you some certification that proves that your stamps are genuine.

How to determine the value of a stamp

Use an online auction site: there are several e-commerce auction sites that display different types of rare stamps an example is eBay and Amazon. Just visit any of them and do a simple search on the kind of stamps you want to find about, all stamps listed on this sites has their price attached to them which are called the asking price, you can also check how much they where sold for.

Stamps dealers: look for a stamp dealer around your city. most stamp dealers are more experience and could easily tell the value of a stamp through when they observe them as they have gathered much experience in this field as a philatelists.
Visit a library: some library have catalogs that has pictures of old and rare stamps

philatelic association : if you are not part of this organization just try to look for a philatelic association they could easily offer some guidance.

Stamps show/exhibition: look for a stamp exhibition where stamps are bought and sold for sure you will get to find someone that will offer assistance to you through careful observation.

How to sell rare stamps

There are many online stores where you can easily sell your antique postage stamps just from the comfort of your home. Although i will advise you to look for a stamp dealer close by but it’s difficult finding them in remote places.

Look for a dealer : this should be your first stop, walk upto them, most will be excited to buy your stamps once they know it’s genuine and not fraud.
Ebay : you can place them on ebay all you need is just to sign up for am account.
Amazon : Amazon is an alternative to eBay the two serves same purpose.