How to Block YouTube on Smart TVs : 16 Things To Know

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How to Block YouTube on Smart TVs

Similar to our smartphones and tablets, Smart TVs provide a lot of amazing functions and features which are not only entertaining but comes with their brand of twist, but minor issues sometimes accompany them.

How do you react when your little ones, who aren’t old enough to handle a smartphone, can easily access the smart TV in the sitting room?

What is your plan to restrict their view to things not appropriate for their age? For a start, you can begin on YouTube by disabling platforms having adult content.

Having said this, the smart TV comes with parental controls that enable you to restrict the contents accessible to your kids who are considered minors.Smart TVs and youtube

Although there are different smart TVs, the process to accomplish this is almost similar. If you are unsure of this procedure explained below, you can always consult your Smart TV manual included in the purchase package.

How to Block YouTube on Smart TVs

  1. Turn on your Smart TV, and on the remote control,
  2. touch the controls settings panel for the TV.
  3. Choose the option you want to access from the display.
  4. In the next screen display, choose the tab Safety and disable the function by switching to disable.
  5. When this is achieved, go to the voice application blocks and in the option that appears, add a check icon in the YouTube app.

To apply the changes, you will receive a warning about the need to restart the Smart TV. After which, you will press the Be placed twice on the remote control cap up the operation.

Onward, whenever you start the YouTube app after pressing on the Home button, YouTube will request you to enter the basic pin, which is 0000. However, for added security, you can change it in the safety panel.

How Do I clear cache and cookies on my Vizio Smart TV?

When your Vizio Smart TV is not functioning as it ought to, it can be tiring. You can recognize when something is wrong when the contents load slowly, or a blank screen appears.

Clearing the cookies and cache can sometimes assist in fixing some of the problems you are encountering.

Here’s how to remove cookies and cache on your Vizio Smart TV.

  • On the remote control, Tap Menu then Highlight System.
  • Proceed to choose “Reset & Admin.”
  • Press Clear Memory, and then with the arrow controls, highlight Factory Defaults/ Clear Memory.
  • Input your code or 0000 as a pin if you don’t any, and Tap OK

Note: Ensure not to tap on your remote the power control when clearing cache, else the TV will reset.

Why does my Vizio Smart TV keep buffering?

While streaming a movie, the part of the content loading in advance for your view is referred to as a buffer. As you watch the content, the buffer will continually build for you to enjoy the movie uninterrupted.

When you receive a message about it buffering or the content freezes, the issue is that what is loading has caught up with what you are viewing.

To enable you to continue your view, the provider (Hulu, Netflix) needs to take a break to load the content by loading a fresh buffer.

Viewing a movie from the web necessitates a fast and reliable connection to prevent buffering.

Buffering cannot occur when your home network has a high speed to match up with the playback. But when the opposite is the case, buffering pops into the picture.

Also, when the streaming device lacks content to play, it stops and rebuffs. Re-buffering is resultant from an alteration in your internet connectivity speed.

Different devices consuming bandwidth on your network can also impact the sluggishness of your network.

To avoid buffering while streaming videos on your Smart TV, content providers advise a reliable connection minimum of 1.5mbps- 10Mbps based on the app.

Do you need to clear cache and cookies on Smart TV?

We don’t usually hesitate to clear off our computer web browser or phone’s cache and cookies, but often neglect to do the same on our Smart TV. It’s a great practice to clear your cookies and cache on your Smart TV regularly.

The advantages of clearing your Smart TV cookies and cache are high performance and speed including security from dangerous malware you might encounter when surfing.

Clearing your cookies can also prevent spies from tracking your activity.

While at this, you may also want to browse through your Smart TV and check the apps installed on it.

You will be caught in surprise by the number of apps not in use. You can do away with them to conserve space for other important functions in the future.

How do I increase the memory of my Smart TV?

Your smart TV memory cannot be expanded, but you can try freeing up space by deleting apps, not in use, and clearing your cache and cookies regularly.

However, if you still need more space, you can increase your Smart TV’s memory capacity using a USB memory as a second option.

You can save without issues any file type here, as it will be detected as internal memory on the Smart TV. Ensure not to use a strict or limiting USB.

And you can also select any memory type to choose any type of memory irrespective of speed or space.

However, do take note that the USB will function as internal memory. Therefore, better quality will positively impact performance.

Attending to the following steps below will help increase the memory of your Smart TV via a USB:

  • On your Tv, connect one of the USB connectors to the external storage.
  • Move to the system settings and find the “Storage and Restore” pane. To access, click on it.
  • Move to the “Removable Storage” menu in the section and load open the memory (external) you linked.
  • Select format and delete as device storage and choose the format in the next display from the listed option.
  • Depending on the connected storage and TV capacity, after waiting for few minutes, the USB will be formatted and become synergized with your internal memory. You can now proceed to the downloaded files and apps section and transfer them to the new storage.

How Do I Block YouTube on My Vizio Smart TV?

Unlike its counterparts, LG and Samsung, Blocking YouTube on your Vizio Smart TV isn’t so simple, which is why you need to attend to these steps carefully.

You need to move to Settings for parental controls For Vizio. However, do note its placement on your Smart TV may vary based on the model in use.

Its location on your TV can also vary depending on which model you also consult your operation manual.

  • To access the Parental Control Settings, input the requested code.
  • You can then block YouTube on your Smart TV after successfully inputting the pin.
  • Based on your current model, the settings may have to be configured back to resume access, or the blocked apps will be available by entering your pin.

How do I Update my Vizio TV Apps

You need to follow a different Smart TV process if you intend to update your Vizio TV Apps. It is recommended that you occasionally update your app before it starts malfunctioning.

However, if your Vizio TV apps aren’t obeying your commands or responding, it is a sign that it needs an update. Upgrading to a new version will eliminate all the errors and bugs.

Attend to this procedure to To update your Vizio Smart TV Apps:

  • Move to settings and select System.
  • Choose Check for Updates beneath System.
  • A confirmation will be requested after the newer version is found.
  • Confirm it, and after the new update is applied, the update will include all the apps on the Vizio Smart TV.

However, the apps cannot be updated with shortcuts. Do note also that the Vizio Smart TVs function similarly to the Apple devices and can only work in a specific environment.

How to block YouTube on Smart TV

Smart TVs, like our smartphones, provides convenience and tons of features. However, they are not without complication sometimes.

The smart TV sits in the living, where everyone can easily access it. For parents with young kids, you might want to limit your child’s access to content, not age-worthy.

You can begin by disabling platforms with adult content on YouTube. The process isn’t the same with different Smart TV brands. Therefore we’ll work through how to processes various smart TVs.

How to Block YouTube on Samsung Smart TVs

To disable YouTube on your Smart TV, follow through this process:

  • Move to the home display and Tap on “Apps.”
  • Choose the Settings icon. It looks similar to a small gear.
  • Choose “Lock” from your settings and find the YouTube app or a different app you would like to restrict access to.
  • To cap it all, input your TV code and choose “Done.”
  • Now the app lock has been activated, and would request your pin to access it.

How to Block YouTube on LG Smart TVs

  • Disabling apps on the LG Smart TV is also the same on Samsung with some minor differences.
  • Proceed on your remote control by pressing the “Smart” menu command.
  • On the menu display, choose settings followed by lock.
  • Choose “Application Lock” next.
  • On your LG Smart TV, you will see the options of applications listed. From here, you can choose the applications you intend to restrict access to.
  • Save your modification when finished with it by pressing OK or leave with cancel locking the apps.

How to Block YouTube on Your Sony Smart TV

On Sony (Android) Smart TV, you can’t disable apps as you do with other brands. On Sony Android TV, you must create a unique user profile and modify its settings to get the desired restricted.

To create a user profile for restricted access:

  • On your Android Smart TV Menu, choose “Settings.”
  • Browse downward to the “Personal” tab, and press from there “Security & Restrictions.”
  • Proceed to set up a limited profile.
  • Create a code.
  • Choose the particular apps you want access to the limited user profile.
  • On your remote control, press “Back,” and now it is over.

Can YouTube channels be disabled on Smart TVs?

Sadly, there is no provision to disable your desired channels on YouTube. If your kid is visiting YouTube regularly, there is no means to limit what pops up in the “Play Next” or “Recommended for You” or features.

If you are unable to keep a gaze on what your kid is viewing but desire to be in charge of the content, the perfect option is altogether to disable the YouTube app on your Smart TV.

This means whenever you want to access YouTube, you will need to input your code.

How to Set Up Parental Control on Smart TVs

On your Smart TV, parental controls move to disable YouTube, whereby accessing it requires a password. It also spans over blocking any application, not just YouTube, on your Smart TV.

Depending on your Smart TV brand, the parental controls may be different on your TV. Here is a brief on how to handle the parental features of the previously outlined brands to keep you in line.

Parental Controls on Your Samsung Smart TV

You can disable any content based on its rating on your Samsung TV to ensure that any movie or show with a higher rating than you have limited requests for your passcode to access.

Move to your settings to enable this feature, followed by broadcasting, and choose the “Program Rating Lock Settings.”

  • You can from here choose the rating group you desire to restrict.
  • Parental Controls in Your LG Smart TV
  • There is a setting on your LG TV, referred to as Safety Mode.
  • To reach this mode, navigate to Home, then proceed to the setting, tap on safety, and click on.
  • You can model your Safety mode once here to match your needs and preferences.

Parental Controls in Your Vizio Smart TV

Parental controls on this brand employ the same procedure employed when disabling YouTube on your Vizio Smart Tv.

Following the process, you can also deactivate other applications you intend to limit access to.

Moreover, you can also restrict some particular ratings so that whatever content is not age fitting for your kid will request you for your passcode.

Parental Controls in your Sony Smart TV

Among its counterparts, the Sony (Android) Smart TV remains the different one.

Instead of the device having its actual parental control, you need to create a restricted profile where the children can view their content after you have tailored the settings to match your needs.

In-App Settings

The In-App Settings, which each app possesses, give you an alternative option. Apps like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Vudu, HBO GO, etc., have parental setting control so that only after typing your pin can adult content be accessed.

Indeed, as earlier discussed, it might be time-consuming to modify your settings in each specific application instead of the whole SmartTV. However, this option spans across another app as well, and not only YouTube.

These controls are enough to have the basics in place and prevent children from viewing age-inappropriate content.


Smart TVs enable you engage in fun activities with friends and family. However, it is important you monitor your children view to ensure they only watch age appropriate content.

Smart TV parental control feature enables you to set up a restriction on different platforms. And you can also decide to use the in-app features to get the maximum result.

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