how many stamps do i need for a 9×12/8.5×11 envelope 2018? Find out here

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how many stamps do i need for a 9×12 envelope 2018

We all love to make use of large envelopes because it gives us space to put more material into it which makes it a perfect envelope for most correspondent apart from the extra space, large 9×12 envelope offer full protection to material that should lie flat and should not be folded on transit.

How many stamps do i need for a 9x12 envelope

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Items that are frequently mail through large envelopes

There are some set of documents which shouldn’t be folded this includes the following :

  • marketing newsletters
  • product catalogues
  • legal correspondence
  • CDs
  • books
  • Photos
  • manuscripts
  • magazines

Always have it in mind that the size and weight of your envelope will determine the total number of stamps that will be required, that is why you should calculate the weight of your envelope before deciding on the number of stamps you will need.

So i will advise you make use of the international postage price calculator

to get the accurate details or walk up to the post office your self to get the accurate price.

Please note that if your mails are non machinable and flexible you will be forced to pay the non-machinable surcharge.

How many stamps you need for Large 9×12 or 8.5×11 Envelopes

If you want to send Large Envelopes such as 9×12 /8.5×11 for first class mail that weigh just 1 ounce then you need just 2 stamps which will cover for the weight and the size of the envelope.

You might ask what about for 13 ounce? 13 ounce is the maximum weight allowed for first class and this will take just 8 stamps.

Note: for each additional ounce you need to keep adding $0.21.

Postage rate 2018

It’s important we look at the postage rate as at January 2018.
Mailing a Large Envelope that weigh just 1 ounce (1 oz.) will cost you just $1.00

Post Office/Retail Rates as at January 2018
weight of Letters2018 Postage Rates2017 Postage Rates (outdated)
Mail letter first class(1 oz.)$0.50$0.49
Mail letter first class – for each additional weight per ounce$0.21$0.21
Mail with Large Envelope – first class(1 oz.)$1.00$0.98
Mail with Large Envelope – first class for additional weight per ounce $0.21$0.21

Most times when i want to mai to any country and of my choice, after checking the weight i then head to calculate the price using an online calculator as this gives me a clear comparison between postage rate