HDIPC360 for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac – Free Download here

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HDIPC360 for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac – Free Download here

HDIPC360 is a unique fisheye panoramic IP camera mobile application. It is designed to be used for recording and capturing images using a wireless network. HDIPC360 uses the fisheye types of lens and focal length to give high-quality images and video recording.


Interestingly, HDIPC360 provides users with 180 degree and 360 degree extraordinary experience always. It also supports audio and video synchronization view and detects motions in real-time.

Features of HDIPC360

  • Video Share: Video captured using HDIPC360 can be shared with other people across multiple platforms and devices.
  • Automatic Recording: HDIPC360 application allows users to record videos and audios automatically. This implies that whether users forget to record the videos being captured or not, they still have access to them.
  • Real-time Intercom: HDIPC360 is fully optimized to allow users access to real-time intercom. Users of HDIPC360 are afforded an opportunity to send messages to people via the camera intercom and have it delivered in real-time. Also, users can be contacted through the intercom feature of the camera application and have live conversation with people.
  • Alarm Function: HDIPC360 is optimized by the application developers to function as an alarm. This implies that HDIPC360 camera can be configured to monitor specific places and raise an alarm when needed.
  • Language Translations: HDIPC360 is designed to translate numerous languages including Vietnamese, Malay, Thai, and Indonesian. These allow people from numerous countries of the world use the application easily and communicate as well.
  • Playback Function: HDIPC360 features a playback function on the application interface. This function allows users playback videos while recording.

Why HDIPC360 Should Be Downloaded your PC

  1. Free: HDIPC360 is completely free for all and available for download on multiple platforms including Google Play Store. All features on the application are also free.
  2. No Language Barrier: Language barrier issue has been solved by the application developers with the translation features. This implies that people from other countries apart from English speaking countries can use the app effectively.
  3. Regular Update: HDIPC360 is updated regularly to provide users with the best experience always. Developers fix bugs regularly and introduce new exciting features to the application.
  4. Feedback Function: Users of HDIPC can give feedback of the application features directly to the developers.

HDIPC360 for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac – Free Download here

Install HDIPC360 on your PC here