magnifier microscope (COZ) :Download for PC – Windows (10,8,7,XP) Mac for free

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Download: magnifier microscope (COZ) :Download for PC – Windows (10,8,7,XP) Mac for free

First releasedSept. 15 2012
App permissionCamera, storage and others.

Do you want to turn your system into a functional magnifier? Do you know that you can view the tiniest object with the aid of an app? Yes all this has been made possible on our devices with the help of magnifier microscope you actually won’t need to struggle to view an object.

With magnifier microscope (COZ) you won’t need to remove your glasses to read newspapers, business card. You won’t even need to carry a magnifying Glass around which could be a burden to you, for sure no one needs extra load.

magnifier microscope is one of the best magnifier of it kind and has been adjudge and recommended by many as the best.

Features of magnifier microscope (COZ)

Ability to Freeze pictures.
Ability to zoom pictures and tiny write ups to have a good view.
You also stand a chance of taking good and quality pictures with the aid of this app.
There are lot more things this app promises to offer you only if you download it on your device for more information, features and download please refer to Google play store.

Download magnifier microscope (COZ) from Google play store

We have strongly advised that you download all your apps from the right sources, avoid sites that you don’t trust so that malware won’t be installed along on your device. get the app from Google play store here

How can i install magnifier microscope (COZ) for PC Windows (10,8,7,XP) Mac for free ?

We have listed the benefits of magnifier microscope and have also referred you on how to download it on you mobile phone. But the big question today is how to install magnifier microscope on windows and Mac operating system.

The Korean developers have not made any version of this app specifically for PC, so we are going to give you another method to download this app on your PC right away.

Step by step on How you can install magnifier microscope (COZ) on Windows (10,8,7,XP), PC, Mac for free ?

Yes this is the most interesting part of this article here we are going to show you how to install magnifier microscope (COZ) using Nox App Player here with just a single click. So let’s go.

  • Click on Google play store iconNox App Player
  • Enter your Gmail details in the box that appears and sign in.Nox App Player
  • Immediately you sign in Google play store will load exactly as is it on your mobile.
  • Locate the search bar at the upper section of the screen and type in magnifier microscope (COZ) and Search for it.

Click on download and wait for the download to finish up.


This app has already been downloaded 5 million times and of recent there has been positive comment about the app which encourage more download.

While going through the comment section we find out that most users are cool with the recent version, although at time past there was a lot of complaints which the developer actually fixed.

Most users didn’t talk about ads which means that ads are moderately placed with out disrupting users experience.

Finally you have to note that magnifier microscope by COZ has some limitation and does not work 100 % like real magnifier microscope and also the quality of magnifier largely depends on your camera. Those who has weak camera lenses won’t benefit that much from this app. There is a disclaimer to that effect from the developer’s page.