Blur Image Background Editor Download for PC – Windows (10,8,7,XP) Mac for free

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Download: Blur Image Background Editor for PC – Windows and Mac

App ByPrinext
First releasedJuly 6th 2017
App permissionPhoto, media, file

Blur Image Background Editor is the perfect app that helps you to blur out an unwanted part of a photo. You have just taken a photo and you discover that the background is not needed, you need to remove certain images that appears at the background, all you need to do is to install and deploy the features that Blur Image Background Editor has for you.

If you want to unblur a particular part of a picture you can equally do just that, it is not that hard, everything is very easy. I have downloaded this app and I did notice that you can actually adjust the opacity of the blur.

Just like we just said Blur Image Background Editor is not that difficult to use, all you need to do is just to import a target picture from your gallery or you can decide to take a new picture, make some little adjustments on the opacity level. If you want to blur out heavier parts then you just have to increase the opacity to something you want.

Before writing this article we had to download Blur Image Background Editor and try out hand on it, everything seems perfect and okay but the only downside you might experience is the excessive ads which is okay because the app is completely free. Apart from that the developers did a perfect job here.

Currently Blur Image Background Editor have over 10 million downloads, which means that over 10 million users are currently enjoying the feature the app offers.

How to effectively blur an image with Blur Image Background Editor app

Downloading an app is a different thing but deploying the features this app has is a different ball game all together. Let’s show you how you can blur out an unwanted part or area from your target picture. First you need to take this steps am going to list here :
  • Open the Blur Image Background Editor
  • Now import the image from your gallery
  • Modify the brush size ( you can increase or decrease it)
  • There is a zoom button that allows you to zoom in so that you can easily blur the smallest area.
  • If you make any mistake you can easily reverse it with the reverse arrow at the top of your screen which will help you unblur areas you have blurred before.
  • Immediately you are done click on apply and save it.

How can i install Blur Image Background Editor for PC – Windows (10,8,7,XP) Mac Laptop for free ?

The developer of Blur Image Background Editor made it specifically for mobile users. for those who will like to install it and blur their image on the go. This does not mean that users of windows and Mac operating systems can’t download it.
Let’s show you a step you should follow if you want to download this amazing app on your PC.

Step By Step Guide To Install Blur Image Background Editor via Nox App Player

  • Click on Google play store iconNox App Player
  • Enter your Gmail details in the box that appears and sign in.Nox App Player
  • Immediately you sign in Google play store will load exactly as is it on your mobile.
  • Locate the search bar at the upper Blur Image Background Editor type in Bubbu – my Virtual pet and Search for it.
  • Click on download and wait for the download to finish up