Does CVS sells stamps? Find out if you can you buy stamps at CVS

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Does CVS sells stamps? Where can you buy stamps at CVS?

Should in case you are looking for where to buy your postage stamps apart from post office then this post is for you

We all know how important postage stamps is to our mailing operation because without stamps it’s almost impossible for us to send across our mails and sometimes our postcards to our loved ones and well wishers.

Does CVS sells stamps? Where can you buy stamps at CVS?

It will interest you to know that not all local post office will have a stamp vending machines for printing stamps in such a case we have to turn elsewhere to get these stamps but for considering buying a stamp it’s important you know the actual weight and size of your mail as this will determine the number of stamps you will need.

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Guide to buying stamps at CVS pharmacy

CVS is the largest consumer value store currently in America not only that it’s also an American own pharmacy stores and a subsidiary of cvs health.

CVS deals mainly on prescription drugs, you can also get your over the counter drugs, various cosmetic but not limited to beauty products, foods, they also have a photo studio where they offer finishing touch services etc.

Now back to the main topic does CVS sells stamps? Most people do ask this question because no one wants to spend his or her time to visit the nearest CVS store and only be told that they don’t sell stamps.

CVS do sell stamps and you can find various types of stamps there such as forever stamps but unfortunately you will hardly find a single stamp there as we they are mostly known to sell book of stamps

When next you visit the nearest CSV store carefully look for a signpost that reads “FIRST CLASS STAMPS SOLD HERE” walk up towards that direction and buy your stamps.

Can you buy one stamp at CVS?

There is no guarantee that you can find a single stamps at CVS because the last time we checked we couldn’t find any but for sure you can find stamps that normally comes in book of 20.

Does it cost more to buy from CVS

we understand that extra fees do scare people away no matter how little it is but the good news about buying stamps from CVS is that you aren’t paying any extra fees. The prices are still same with that of post office

Other products you can buy from CVS

Apart from stamps you can get other items from cvs from photos, skin care products, prescription drugs, personal care products etc. We have made a small list of items you can get when next you visit

  • Photos
  • Skin/Hair Care
  • General Groceries
  • Vitamins
  • Health & Medicine
  • Beauty Products
  • Snacks
  • Home Health Care
  • Personal Care

Products you can’t get from cvs store:
CVS are known to sell a wide range of products just like we listed above but there are certain products that they don’t sell due to their policy.
Tobacco Products such as cigarettes are highly prohibited in fact they stopped selling them around 2014.

cvs pharmacy hours

CVS is open for business 24/7 a week which makes it easy for shoppers to get their favorite products easily.

cvs pharmacy near me

You can use the Google map locator to find the nearest CSV store nearest to you.

CVS contact details

To be sure they still have stamps in Stock it’s best you put a call through at least this will give you a clear answer if the shop you intend to visit still have them in Stock.

Please call us at 1-888-607-4CVS (1-888-607-4287) Monday-Friday 8 AM – 11 PM ET, Sat. & Sun. 8:30 AM – 9 PM ET

CVS Health
One CVS Drive
Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895

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