Does 7-11 sell postage stamps,greeting cards, envelopes 2018? – places where they sells stamps besides post office

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Does 7-11 sell postage stamps,greeting cards, envelopes 2018? – sells stamps besides post office

In this article we will give you a quick guide on how to get stamps at 7-11 which is also known as 7-Eleven, we will also list the various countries in Europe, Asia and North America where you can find 7-11 store.

Does 7-11 sell stamps

Without stamps it will be difficult to send your postcard and mail your letters and even bill the problem is more compounded when you find it difficult to get a stamp close by.

So many people will be quick to go over to the post office to get a stamp but not all post office have a vending machine for Stamps.

7-11 is one of the largest convenience stores that sells various items such as beverages, snacks, gas in fact 7-Eleven is your “one stop shop” that deals on virtually all items you can think of. Of recent they now offer some essential services like dry cleaning, driver license renewal, concert tickets and they are open for business in all day round which makes customers to get whatever they want at their convenience.

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Does 7-11 sell stamps?

7-11 have stamp kiosk that is open for business 24/7, so if you are interested in picking up stamps then consider 7-11 as your idea place.

You can buy different kind of stamps at 7-11 such as Forever Stamps,1st class stamps, Simple Postcard Stamps and Smaller Denomination Stamps from the cashier or the customer service desk.

So if you are still searching for where to buy a single stamps, books of stamps, rolls of stamps just visit the nearest 7-11 store near you.

who sells stamps besides the post office

Not everyone will have the time to visit the post office or join the queue just because they want to get a stamp which cost a few dollars.
If you even check the cost of fueling your car just to get a stamp at the post office you will be pissed off.
Well if you are looking for who sells stamps besides the post office then i will recommend no other place than 7-11 although there are other places i have listed here

See the cost of Forever Stamps

You will find a forever stamp for a low as $0.49

See the price of 1st class stamp

You can pick a first class stamp for just $0.49.
Please note that the price might be slightly different but its best to buy in bulk as a single stamps will you more money.

Will it cost me more

Unlike other places where you get stamps a little cents higher than what you get from USPS, 7-Eleven seems to be different as most of their stamps cost the same price like that offered by USPS.
7-11 sells at the same rate that the USPS do sell,there is no hidden,extra charges or additional cost as you get what you paid for.

Does 711 sell gifts and greeting cards?

Probably you have been looking for a place to buy a heart felt greeting and gifts cards with out success, it’s time to consider 7-11 which is one of the popular places where you can get exclusive gifts cards that you can hardly find in anywhere else. Here you can get your custom made greeting cards.

does 7-11 sell envelopes

Now that you have successfully purchased your stamps you might need other items that will make your mailing easier such as envelopes and pen don’t forget to buy these items at 7-11.

How to Find 711 Stores Near Me?

There are two options you can apply to find the nearest 7-11 store nearest to you.
Google map:
The first option involves using a Google map which gives a clear location on the map.

Using 7 eleven store locator:
You can also search for 7 eleven locations worldwide with just a quick search on their portal

List of countries that have a 7 11?

7 -Eleven which was just a small ice house when it started operation in 1927 have now grown into a multinational chain store.
As at 2018 7-11 has about 66,579 shops that are located in about 17 different countries.

United Arab Emirates14

7 eleven app

7-11 now have a hybrid app that works on Android, IOS and even iPhone devices. In this app you can easily find the nearest 7-11 store close to you where you can buy your stamps, gifts cards and greeting cards, scan items bought and carried out transactions.

One thing that made me fall in love with this app is their ability to reward loyal customers with points which they can use to make few purchase. If you make you buy a gift card, greeting cards or even stamp valued at 1$ you will receive 25 rewards points.

Does 7-11 Sell Stamps and Related FAQ’s

Does 7-11 sell stamps? Yes 7-11 sells stamps and are open for business 24/7

How much are stamps at 7-11? The same price as you pay at the US postal service.

What type of postage stamps does 7-11 sell? They sell all types of stamps

Where are the postage stamps located in 7-11? They have a kiosk for postal stamps or better still you can ask them to show you where to get it .

Does 7-11 sell envelopes? Yes the sell envelope, Pen and other mails essential.

What Days is 7-11 open? 7 days a week
What hours is 7-11 open? 24 hours

History of 7-11

77-11 also known as 7 eleven is a Japanese owned American store,although it was first named Tote’m Stores when it was founded in 1927 but was renamed in 1946 just a year after the world War II.

Who started 7 11?

The name of the man who started 7 11 is Joe C. Thompson he is till date referred to as the “father of convenience retailing” he was a capitalist who believes in the ideology of profit sharing among employees, he died in 1961.

How old is 7 11?

7 11 was established in 1927 so as at 2018 7 11 is 91 years old