CM Keyboard for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

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CM Keyboard for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

Do you want to have a cooler touch to the theme of your mobile Keyboard? Look no further. CM got your back. With a very appealing design, CM comes out with a new Keyboard. The theme is unique, in HD. You will love it!

With this keyboard, you will get your camouflage – giving that keyboard of yours a cam theme, and other interesting themes. The patterns used on the CM Keyboard are beautiful. Typing on your mobile device becomes interesting when you use this keyboard.

In this review, you will learn more about the functions and features that comes with CM Keyboard. Enjoy the ride!

Installing CM Keyboard On Your PC – Windows 7/8/10 And Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

Get CM Keyboard App on your PC click here

We hope you are going to enjoy it perfectly.

Although you can get the app directly from Play store here

Interesting Features of the CM Keyboard

  1. You have both the Swipe and Gesture input. This feature will help you save time and energy. To use it, you only need to slide the keys you want to type. Simple and fast!
  2. Keyboard is easy to adjust. This function will boost the accuracy of your keyboard. The height of this keyboard can be adjusted. This ensures that you don’t have any form of type error that is likely to occur through a cramped keypad.
  3. CM Keyboard comes with the cloud prediction feature. This feature allows a user type very fast – with more accuracy in word prediction. This is so fun to use!
  4. Cool Emojis to play with. There are a lot of these on the CM Keyword tool. The trendy once in the theme can be used as you have a good time chatting with a friend or family member. You have more expressions for you with this cool feature.
  5. The GIFs that comes with this keyboard also makes conversation very interesting. They are fun to use.
  6. It is battery friendly. The CM Keyword tool is designed to optimize the rate at which your battery s consumed. It gives your mobile device more time per charge.
  7. You will get a separate number row. This allows you input numbers even when you don’t switch to the numbers and symbols keypad.
  8. The ease of typing that comes with this intelligent keyboard cannot be unvalued. It is fun to use. And it gives you fast typing experience. Get yours today, for free and see for yourself.

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