Cheetah Launcher App for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

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Cheetah Launcher App for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

Do you want a faster typing keyboard app? One that is very accurate, appealing to the eyes with cool themes, and fun to use. Here is the Cheetah Launcher app, with high quality innovation. It’s also for free. Just install it and enjoy!

Some Key Features of Cheetah Launcher

  • It has custom keyboard theme. With this feature, you will be able to choose the wallpaper and photo you like. This goes for the font style and the color you want for your keyboard too.
  • The Cheetah Launcher app has loads of funny GIF, stickers, and Emojis. They will definitely make your typing more fun!
  • Enjoy the gesture typing, the smart reply. These features just make typing fun and fast. The auto-correction and the al-power prediction is also cool. They boost the efficiency of your typing.
  • This app has keyboard themes, in hundreds. You just choose anyone, anytime. They are very cool.

Installing Cheetah Launcher On Your PC – Windows 7/8/10 And Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

  • Click on Google play store iconNox App Player
  • Enter your Gmail details in the box that appears and sign in.Nox App Player
  • Immediately you sign in Google play store will load exactly as is it on your mobile.
  • Locate the search bar at the upper Blur Image Background Editor type in the app name and Search for it.

Click on download and wait for the download to finish up.

Get Cheetah Launcher App on your PC click here

Why do you need to install this app?

  1. The funny Emojis are fun to play with. When you chat with friends, you will find just any suitable emojis to use along.
  2. With Cheetah Launcher, you can create your own themes. Put any type of wallpapers and background choosing from your collection of photos. How fun can this be?
  3. Have fun with the 3D touch, plus the cool background graphics. Using this app display is 3D effects. This app is the first on Play Store – the category of 3D Android launcher app.
  4. The 3D animated emoji keyboard gives you nice emojis like ducking, bulldog, baby chick, blowfish, frog and many more. There are lots of options.
  5. Supported by Giphy, the GIF collection of Cheetah Launcher has all kinds of the most common memes plus gifs. They are very cool.
  6. The smart reply function of this tool will always save you time. This function comes with one of the best among other apps that provide launchers. It suggests response that you can use to reply faster – depending on the type of message you receive.
  7. How fast can you go further with this app? The Fast Swype triples the speed of your typing – just swype your fingers through the keypads.

If you don’t have Cheetah Launcher install on your Android device, you are missing a lot. Get it free here today!

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