Can You Browse the Internet on all Smart TVs? Know more about smart TV Browsers

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Life is evolving, science and technology keep breaking new grounds every day as new technologies keep surfacing almost every hour.

The world — as far as I could remember— began with a small-sized black-and-white screen TV. It is mostly seen in rich man’s house due to its expensive price tag.

That was the start of a good thing in the TV industry. A colored-screen TV was introduced, but we all had to control it via analog ways.

Its introduction led to a significant reduction in the small-sized black-and-white TV price, so much that many people could afford it.

The development was steady and fast as we witnessed the introduction of a big-sized colored TV controlled by a remote system; followed by a flat-screen TV (plasma) and now Smart TV.Smart tv browsers

Now we have series of TV sets capable of receiving and installing applications such as web browsers. It means you can browse the internet using your Smart TV without any problems or difficulties.

How is that possible? Take your time to read this resourceful and captivating article because we are set to help you know how your Smart TV can carry out diverse functions, including browsing the internet.

Can All Smart TVs Browse The Internet?

All Smart TVs are expected to browse the internet because they possess an in-built browser enabling them to surf the internet at any time.

However, don’t be disappointed if your Smart TV doesn’t come with a pre-installed browser.

Check for available browsers at the TV’s app store and install the one recommended by the manufacturing company.

How To Browse On Your Smart TV?

Browsing the internet on your Smart TV shouldn’t be a problem as long as you ensure the following procedures:

  • Install A Browser On Your TV:

This is the first step to take if you desire to browse your Smart TV. Install a suitable browser from the app store if your TV doesn’t contain a pre-installed or default browser.

Meanwhile, some websites have a unique app that can be used to assess their contents. You can install their app to browse their website alone.

For instance, you can install the BBC app on your Smart TV if you love visiting the BBC websites often.

Apart from user-friendly interface, this alternative method ensures you can easily keep close tabs on any website of your choice.

  • Connect Your Internet Router To Your Smart TV:

Having installed the required browser, you should connect your internet router to your Smart TV for a smooth internet network.

Your router isn’t adequately connected if it turns on a red light, meaning you can’t browse on your TV. We will let you know how to connect your router to your TV later.

  • Launch the Browser:

You can start surfing the internet via your TV set as long as the router is connected appropriately. Launch the browser and explore the website of your choice.

What If Your TV Has A Default Browser? Can You Change It?

It depends on the type of TV you have. Some Smart TVs’ default browsers can’t be changed easily, while others won’t take time to replace them.

There’s no cause for alarm if you fall in the latter group; you should first uninstall the default browser before re-installing the latest and suitable one from the app store.

This is the best way to change your browser because there are higher chances of experiencing difficulties when loading a third-party installer through cloud service or USB drives.

In the same vein, the third-party browser may be incompatible with your navigation controls.

Why Most People Love Changing Default Browser

There are many reasons why many people can’t help but change their default Browsers. It ranges from security issues to unimpressive features, among others.

Some manufacturers are known to breach user’s privacy by gathering data via the TV’s browsing history and selling the acquired information to marketing firms.

Therefore, many Smart TV users believe changing the company’s default browser will prevent the inappropriate acquisition of data.

Limited features could equally be the reason for the user’s decision to replace a default browser. A good browser should possess easy-to-use bookmarks, personalized settings mode, light and dark versions among others. You could be forced to install a new browser if the initial one doesn’t contain all these features.

Unfortunately, replacing a default browser requires technical know-how and time because it is more or less like rooting your Smartphone, which is a tricky thing to do.

It isn’t advisable to try changing your default browser if you don’t know much about a Smart TV’s technical part.

You can use your smartphone browser instead. However, you should consider the following facts if you think you’ve got all it takes to do a good job.

  • Try Using a Media-Streaming Device:

Media-streaming devices such as Apple TV and Fire TV stick are some of the apps you should consider installing on your Smart TV because they both possess diverse browsing options.

  • Deploy Screen-Mirroring:

Some Smart TVs works with computers or Smartphone if connected accurately through active WI-FI network. With this connection, you can access the internet through your phone browser, but the site will be displayed on your TV screen.

Launch your browser and type in the website via a computer keyboard or Smartphone, then view the website on your TV screen.

Is It Safe To Use Smart TV Browsers?

Using Smart TV browsers doesn’t pose any problem to your health or medical status unless you spend more extended periods viewing your screen, which could affect your eyes in the long run.

Using Smart TV browsers might be a little bit unsafe in terms of privacy because your information and data can be hacked.

Just as smartphones and desktop browsers, Smart TV browsers store user’s information when as soon as it’s connected to the internet, thereby leaving room for spies and hackers.

Using a default or built-in Smart TV browser gives manufacturers and companies the chance to obtain all your data and information once you logged in.

Hence, it is crucial to protect your data when and after surfing the internet on your TV. Ensure you log out of your account once you are done browsing to erase all data from the browser’s saved history.

Why Can’t I Browse on my Smart TV?

Being unable to Browse on your smart TV can be very disappointing, so let’s discuss how you can solve the problem. There are many ways to solve the problem; they include:

1. Checking The Internet Settings:

Here is the first step to take if you find it challenging to browse. Pick up your remote control, go to the settings menu, and select internet settings.

Check the network status and be sure there’s nothing wrong with it. Quickly run a network reset if you find out any unexpected issues.

Check your internet router whether there is a red light, which signifies the connection isn’t made correctly.

In this case, reset your router, turn it off for some minutes and switch it on again and check if the problem persists or not. You should consider the next method if the problem persists.

2. Changing Your DNS Settings:

Wrong DNS settings could be responsible for your TV’s inability to browse the internet. Luckily, this is what you can do as long as you follow the proper procedures.

To change your DNS settings, select ‘enter DNS Manually’ and type 8888 in the space provided. Save the new DNS number and check if it works effectively. You should try the next and last option if the issue isn’t solved.

3. Trying Other Browser:

The problem might emanate from your default browser. In that case, you should change your default browser via the processes discussed above.

You could go for apps like Netflix or YouTube, depending on your choice. Having done that, we are confident one of the options will work out fine.

Endeavor to delete all the data automatically stored by the default browser to prevent companies from intruding into your privacy.

You must know that troubleshooting your Smart TV connection via an ethernet cable is preferable and advisable to Wi-Fi.

How To Update Smart TV Browser

Like smartphone applications, there is a need to update your Smart TV browser if you want it to remain in its top-notch condition.

Updating your Smart TV browser isn’t an uphill task as it requires few steps, which are briefly highlighted below:

Updating A Downloaded Smart TV Browser

Since you aren’t browsing with a default browser, you can easily update your browser by carrying out the following procedures:

  • Visit the app store or app settings for updates.
  • Check if there is an available update compatible with your Smart TV.
  • Select suitable options
  • Click on update and wait for some seconds.
  • You will be told if the updating session is successful or not. Alternatively, you can automatically update your browser once your Smart TV is connected to the internet. Just go to app settings and enable the automatic update.

Updating A Default Smart TV Browser

The following process is for people using a default browser:

  • To update your default browser, your TV must possess firmware updates which usually consist of many default apps in its update sections.
  • select the best version suitable for your TV from the firmware updates options.
  • Click on the updated app and wait for the update session to complete. Alternatively, you can enable automatic update just as it is with a downloaded browser.

What Are The Smart TV Browsers ?

There are many impressive and effective browsers to choose from, but we shall be limiting the list to two.

1. Puffin TV: Here is our first pick. It is an optimized Smart TV browser known for its excellent user-friendly interface and easy-to-use control. With Puffin TV, there won’t be any need to type the website’s address from your remote control because it allows you to scan QR code on your Smartphone, push the scanned and open it on your TV screen. You can scroll up and down any website using your remote buttons, thanks to its high compatibility.

2. Google Chrome: This needs no introduction to all Smartphone users because it is one of the world’s most popular browsers. Download and install it on your Smart TV via the app store to enjoy its lovely features.

Top Three Smart TVs With Browsers Manufacturers?

Major TV manufacturing companies have their unique Smart TV with built-in browsers.

However, the best brands include Samsung, LG, and Sony. The three experienced firms are unarguably the leading TV makers in the world at the moment.

Why Using Smart TV Browsers Isn’t Advisable?

As much as Smart TV Browsers offer you a broader view of a website when surfing the internet, it is necessary you know some of the shortcomings unveiled below:

  • Downloading of files isn’t permitted by in-built browsers.
  • It has a relatively slow web page loading speed when compared to smartphone browsers.
  • It isn’t known for the ability to read website languages such as HTML5
  • Navigating pages using remote buttons can be challenging.
  • Many websites are not developed to suit the use of Smart TV browsers; therefore, some web pages might crash when loading.
  • It isn’t recommended to low-salary earners due to its expensive nature.


As mentioned earlier, having browsing Smart TV is a good idea because it enhances excellent visibility. It would be best to check out the different types of Smart TV making headlines in the market and their prices to see which one suits you and your financial capacity.

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