Can Smart TVs Be Used As Computers? Use Your Smart TV As Computer

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Can Smart TVs Be Used As Computers? Use Your Smart TV As Computer

Today, the technology has truly expands how things used to be. This is a great revolution! We have seen several transformation. The likes of how landlines was transformed into smartphones.

And how our desktop computers have been modelled into more portable laptops. How about watches? A lot has been transformed. Thanks to the innovations via technology.

A new trend in the tech industry is shifting towards the smart TVs. We must admit it, smart TVs have shaped the entertainment industry. With a smart TV, you can stream pictures on social media, open your email, as well as stream stuff on Netflix and YouTube.Smart tv as laptop

That’s not all, one can open word documents in Cloud with it. In short the smart device almost serves as a big desktop computer. There are a lot users can do with the gadget –

but can we use smart TVs for PCs? Especially when we talk about the functionality.

A lot of people have been curious to know if Smart TVs can be used as computers. And the answer is not far to be fetched.

Yes, it is possible. However, some special cable will be needed. The outlet if your PC would determine the type of cable to be used for this purpose – including the input for the HDTV. What’s more? For proper usage, you must also check some settings for adjustments.

Don’t worry, most of the modern PCs are easy to hook with the latest HDTVs in the market. So you won’t have no trouble fixing them together. Most of these HDTV s come with HDMI outputs.

This article would discuss different ways of using Smart TVs almost like the computers. Keep reading.

Can an Advanced Smart TV Replace a Computer?

So can an advanced smart TV replace a computer? You may ask. To be honest, it can’t do that 100%. With that said, it means that you can connect a smart TV to the internet. Yes. But this device have limitations – the qualities of a PC.

To understand this better, let’s examin the key differences between with a personal computer. It explains why the smart TV would need to go an extra mile to become as smart as a personal computer.

User experience

Giving users quality visual experience is one of the key purpose of innovating the smart TV, be it for streaming videos on YouTube or Netflix.

There are also some smart TVs which serve for typing and allow you do some chatting – either with an integrated keyboard or a remote control.

It is good to note that the communication experience won’t be so good and it can be tedious operating them for this purpose.

When we compare this to using an app/software or word-typing on a personal computer is way easier. Also, the keyboard and mouse on your computer is more comfy than having to deal with a remote control when you do it on a smart TV.

Programs and apps

Another key difference between the smart TV and a computer is the in-built operating systems. While smart TVs come with some operating systems (smart televisions from Samsung via the Tizen operating system and those from LG use webOS),

a computer runs on the Chrome, macOS, or Windows operating system – this is far powerful and considered the most competent for a tech device.

Also, smart TV apps are often designed and optimized for touch and viewing devices. For these smart TVs, the operating systems are not strong enough for proper running of media editing tools or productive programs.


The functionality of a computer is different from that of a smart TV.

As a smart TV is simply the advanced version of a traditional TV, the key function is to provide more fun by giving us quality visual experience as well as help users stream videos via the internet. Yes, a smart TV allows you to search your favourite shows or movies, and record or watch them.

On the other side, a computer would allow you to do several things and also have fun. For instance, you can create works like animations, edit music and videos, and other creative tasks.

You can also use it to improve your productivity and use it to prepare reports and diagrams. There are so many things your can do with a personal computer.

Processing power

This is another difference you need to consider. Yes, the processing power of an advanced smart TV and that of a computer differs.

While a personal computer is built with powerful multi-core processors (while run high-end gadgets), an advanced smart TV has micro-processore cores which are only suitable for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

In most cases, a smart TV comes with an ARM CPU, for desktop computer or laptop, a AMD CPU or intel is often among the general features.

As the advanced smart TVs and computers have different purposes and objectives, they work better according to what they were designed for.

However, maybe the future could give us more features as far as the smart TVs are concerned. But for now, let’s have more fun watching different shows online with our smart TVs while we leave the heavy tasks for our personal computer.

How Do I Use My Smart TV as a Computer?

If you want to have more fun and use your your smart TV just as a computer, there are some adjustments and settings you can apply.

It’s easy to do. You simply need to connect the smart TV and the computer via the HDMI. Your computer must have a HDMI port for this connection to work properly.

If it doesn’t have a HDMI port then a dongle is needed (just like the ones for the modern Mackooks). Connect via the HDMI cable and place your smart TV on a display resolution for optimization.

It is also important to note that most smart TVs in the market today can be connected to the internet, they also have a native web browser – yet the tech device has its limitations.

The future could make it possible for you to work it with your smartphones – although the principle behind the design of smart TVs is similar to that of the smartphone.

A mouse and keyboard can be installed on a smart TV via the USB or Bluetooth. If you want to connect to the internet, Ethernet cables or the Wi-Fi is needed.

As a smartphone shares some similarities with a smart TV, web-based apps (eg Google Docs) and other apps can be installed. Yes, third-party can be installed, most of the smart TVs in the market have in-built apps specially designed for entertainment – in-built apps like Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix.

On a broader side, computers come with more advantages when compared to smart TVs. Also, you can streaming videos and photos, process photos, work with work documents and spreadsheets. There are so much you can do on your personal computer.

One of the greatest merits of a computer is ability to process applications on full versions, while the a smart TV uses the simplified versions.

What’s the Difference Between a Computer and a Smart TV?

As we have established about, there are clear differences between a computer and asmart TV. The functions are different. The processing powers are different, as well as their key purposes.

It is true that a computer and a smart TV will always process information given by the operators. The visible difference is that a personal computer focuses more on work productivity while a smart TV offers more entertainment.

Also regarding the application and processing power (like software and apps), a smart TV runs productivity software – yet it has only limited versions.

Can You Convert a Smart TV into a Computer?

The short answer to this question asked by many people is YES, but it has its limitations. So there are few things you can do with your smart TV which you can also do on you personal computer. But you can’t fully convert a smart TV into a computer. That’s it.

So how can I convert my smart TV into a computer? You may ask.

It’s simple. You only need to connect your smart TV via the HDMI male plug. That’s the port that allows you have a computer experience on your TV.

That is, you will enjoy quality HD graphics and other cool stuff. The on your smart TV include features include one micro SDXC slot, USB port, quality multi-channel digital audio, in-built Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi, and a micro USB port. Using the HDMI male plug often come with warranty (up to one year).

Can You Convert an Ordinary TV to a Smart TV?

Here is another question being asked by many tech lovers – ” can you convert an ordinary TV to a smart TV?”

Let’s take a dive on how that is possible, that is, how to turn a regular TV into an entertaining Internet-enabled center.

First of all, you need a smart media player ( an Amazon Fire Stick or the Apple TV is cool for this purpose.

Next, you will also need the HDMI, the port should be located at the back or side of your television. What if my TV doesn’t have a HDMI port? You may wonder.

No worries, simply but a HDMI to RCA Adapter – this adapter often plug into that yellow, white, and red cables at the back of the TV. But most ordinary TVs do come with a HDMI port.

For some internet surfing experience in make sure you have access to Wi-Fi connection.

A smart media player and the HDMI should get you going in your journey on turning an ordinary TV into a smart TV, to some extent.

What is the Difference Between Digital TV and a Smart TV?

On a simple level, we can also call digital TVs Smart TVs. This is because they both use digital transmission. But that’s not enough. A digital TV is very different from a smart TV.

One major difference between a digital TV and a smart TV is that a smart TV is way smarter. Simply, a smart TV can do more and offers more entertainment than a digital TV.

While your smart TV gives you an easy access to the internet their its Wi-Fi connectivity, a digital TV can’t. Today, the world is more driven by the internet and the technology around us has advanced. We crave more functionalities on our gadgets, including our TVs.

While a smart TV comes with some in-built apps, a digital TV don’t.

Can a Smart TV be Used as a Computer or Laptop Monitor?

If you still asking if you can turn your smart TV as a computer or laptop monitor, then you need to learn how it is down. Yes it is possible. And this applies to almost all the smart TVs available today – as long as the come with a HDMI input port.

The HDMI port is all you need on your graphics card for you to use your smart TV as your computer monitor. The HDMI input allows you to have access to both video and audio signals.

Is it Ideal to Use a TV for a Computer Monitor?

Your 50-inch TV could offer you more task/gaming experience than a 20-inch monitor.

You may want to have a better graphical view while surfing the internet. Buying a bigger computer monitor can be quite expensive. There is a temporary solution.

Is using my TV ideal for a computer monitor? Absolutely yes. You can use it.

To do this, you will need some cables – depending on the HDTV inputs and the output of your computer. Making few adjustments to the settings should get you going.

As long as your TV has a HDMI output, it is easy to use your TV as a computer monitor.

Monitors vs. TVs

There are clear difference between a monitors and TVs.

A monitor often have a faster responsive time, a higher refresh rate, and a lower input lag than a TV. That’s perfect for gaming.

Also, most monitors are often smaller than the regular TV. They also have more detailed and sharper pictures than the average TV. The pixels (per inch) in monitors are higher than that of TVs.

As you have seen above, a smart TV can be used as a computer, but it has some limitations. Technology can help us get closer to the full dream in the nearest future.


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