Can Smart TVs be Updated? See how long it takes to update Explained

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Can Smart TVs be Updated? See how long it takes to update Explained

From time to time, a modern smart TV will need some software updates – either to fix existing bugs or to add new features to it.

Irrespective of the brand or type of smart TV you use, it is essential to keep its software updated. There are different methods of updating the software if your TV.

Options like using your USB flash drive or via the Internet are available. Don’t forget that whenever you update a software on your TV, your previous sitings for audio and video automatically reset.

For the best functionality of your smart TV, it is advisable to download updates on a software whenever they are available.

Updating your TV’s software is simple, and this and more is what this article is about.Smart tv software update

With the remote control of your TV,you can head to Settings and choose Support where your can do your updates and other stuff. All your need to know is discussed in this write up.

Do smart TVs need updating?

There have been questions on whether or not smart TVs need to be updated. Should you update your smart TV or not? Yes, it is very important that you do it every once in a while.

There will always be bugs on your gadget which need to be fixed regularly. Or maybe there is an update on a software that could over your better entertainment.

Updating your smart TV is needed from time to time, either online or via a USB flash drive.

Picture this: just like a smartphone has firmware, a smart TV also does. The firmware runs your TV. It is what allows you download and view movies on streaming apps on a computer.

For it to run smoothly, it must be updated as at when due. Now you may wonder what the heck would happen when your device’s firmware isn’t updated.

Well, if that’s the case, you will miss some key features as well as have some rough experience. There will be bugs and you won’t get the benefit of the security patches of the TV. Updating the firmware may also help you free up space.

Do You Need to Update a Smart TV Manually?

Although most smart TVs have automatic schedules to download updates on firmware, it can also be done manually.

The automatic approach provides efficient and quick updates – such as fixing bugs that reduce the enhancement of your TV.

If you choose to update your smart TV manually, you need to always check for any now software/firmware, and download them as soon as possible.

For manual update, simply use the remote control of your TV and

  • tap on “Settings”.
  • Next, select “Support”.
  • Now choose “Software Update”,
  • and select “Update Now”.

If new updates are available, you can download and install them on the TV.

Whenever you perform this action, the channels and other information on your TV won’t be deleted or reset. However, it is important for you to pay attention to the settings of your TV before you update any firmware.

How can I manually update my Samsung smart TV?

This question is often asked by people using Samsung TV. It’s easy. Just follow the steps below:

Visit the website of Samsung and download its firmware version. You need to manually check and download an updated version of firmware for the model of Samsung TV you are using.

When you get to the official website of Samsung, search for the model of Samsung device you have, and download it.

Install the new version of firmware on your smart TV. After you have downloaded the latest firmware version for your Samsung TV, it’s time to install it.

Please note that this new file is a compressed file (it has the extension .EXE). This means a Microsoft Windows computer will be needed to the decompress the firmware file.

Run the compressed file. The last step is to run the Samsung file your already downloaded. When asked about the located where you would like to unzip the content on the file, pleas choose USB drive.

That’s it. The updated version of the firmware for your Samsung TV can now be used from your USB flash drive where you installed it.

How long does it take to update a Smart TV?

Updating a smart TV don’t necessarily take too long, although the time could be slightly different depending on the brand of TV you are using. In a couple of minutes, the update should be completed.

Factors such as the type of connection you use, and the smart hub need to be considered. At most it can take you up to 30 minutes to update. Also, an internet connection helps you update it faster than a cellular connection.

Updating a software on an Android TV can take up to 25 minutes – your internet connection speed and update size must be considered.

If you want to speed up the update and also reduce interruptions, you may use wired connection for the process.

When you are on the Setup menu, there is also an option that allows you to begin the update of the software later.

To do this, simply tap the “Back” button on your remote control. This will take you to the menu where you can choose the “Update Later” option.

From this point, whenever you turn on your smart TV, the “System” update menu will pop-up on the screen. You can then follow the instructions as displayed.

What happens if you don’t update your smart TV?

Failing to updating your smart TV from time to time could have some negative effect on its functionality.

Your smart TV, just like your smartphone, also has firmware.

The firmware has different functions. It runs the smart TV and helps one to download and watch movies/videos via different streaming applications. For smooth operation, it needs to be updated.

You need to always update the firmware of your smart TV. This would ensure that you continue getting the benefits of automatic bug fixing as well as the security patches of the TV.

With that in place, smooth entertaining experience is guaranteed.

Also, when the firmware is regularly updated when needed, it could help free up some space on your smart TV.

How Often Should the Firmware of a Smart TV be Updated?

The firmware of your smart TV needs to be updated, especially whenever a new version is available. This can be yearly or every two years.

With that been said, it can be updated automatically.

For the automatic update of the firmware,you need to adjust some settings.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Next, choose Support.
  • When you get to the “Support” menu, choose “Software Update”.
  • Next, select “Auto Update” (this can always be reset later whenever you don’t want an automatic update).

How Do I Check that a Smart TV is Running the Latest Firmware?

To check if your smart TV is running the latest firmware is simple. Let’s use the Samsung Smart TV as a case study.

For a Samsung smart TV, please use this steps:

  • On your remote control, tap the “Menu” button. Scroll to the “Support” option and choose it. Now select “Software Update” by the right side.
  • While on the Software Update menu, simply highlight it, and don’t press either the Enter or OK button.
  • Next, tap on the “Info” button.
  • After tapping on the INFO button on your remote, the new version of the firmware would pop up.

That’s it. Now if you want to know the number of the software or firmware, it will display by the right side.

How Do you Check the Firmware Version of Your Smart TV?

In the process of updating the software of your smart TV, it is also important to know the current version of it, specially the firmware version. Checking the version of firmware on your smart TV is simple.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. On your the remote control of your Smart TV, press the Menu button. Them scroll down to the Support tab, press Support. You want to work with the Software Update, so select it.
  2. While on the Software Update menu, simply highlight it, and don’t press either the Enter or OK button.
  3. The next step is to tap on the “Info” button.
  4. After tapping on the INFO button on your remote, you will see the new version of the firmware. It would pop up.

By now you should see the firmware version of your Smart TV.

What Happens if You do not Update Your Firmware?

Some may ask the question: what happens if you do not update your firmware? Well it is important to address this question.

So, why do we need to update the firmware in our devices? Hope you understand that your smartphone also has firmware, as well as your smart TV.

The firmware is responsible for performing different functions of hardware. Updating it makes some alterations on the program. This is needed in order to allow your devices work well.

Updating the firmware in your device will also help fix some bugs. Bug may threaten the security of your gadget.

Even though updating the firmware may not be compulsory, it is necessary. But you can skip it if you like, especially when you don’t have to fix any bug.

In most cases, updating the firmware is free. But it’s not free for the creator of the solution.

The company making those software for fixing bugs are legitimate. You could be running a risk of crashing your device if you don’t install them.

Make sure you get a quality one when trying to install or update a firmware.

Can I Stop my Smart TV from Updating Itself?

Yes you can. Some smart TV users have logged different complaints of how annoying their gadgets keep updating itself.

This could happen if you set the “Software Update” of your device to “Auto Update”. If you don’t want automatic update, you can turn off the “Auto Update”.

To do this, press the Menu button, then select Support. Next, select Software Update. Select Auto Update, and turn it off.

During an updating process, one thing that keeps updating itself is the Smart Hub. This could occur when the internet connection is poor.

A poor internet connection may slow down the process of updating. Before you begin the updating process of your smart TV, ensure that your check the internet plan. Make sure it is enough for the update.

Again, another reason why your smart TV updates itself could be that it was connected to the internet.

Whenever your TV is connected to the internet, software could automatically update itself – even while you are busy watching the TV.

Upon completion of the update, the effect would apply when next your turn on your TV.

What is Updated When a Smart TV is Updating Itself?

Whenever your smart TV updates itself, it is either you set it to Auto Update or your are connected to the internet.

But what is get updated when your TV is updating itself? The simple answer is – the firmware your device uses gets updated.

This is a good action though as it helps you fix several problems that might have accumulated.

That’s not all, updating to the latest software available would also give your more new features. That’s more entertainment!

Regardless of the advantages, it is important that you carefully read through the instructions.

You don’t want to damage your TV by making it become unresponsive. Also, DO NOT disconnect the TV from the power or turn it off while an update is on.

Why Do Smart TVs Need to Update?

From time to time, your smart TV would need to get some bugs fixed. It could also require some software updates that will enhance the current features you enjoy.

Now, irrespective of the type/brand of smart TV you are currently using, it is crucial that you update its software. This can be down either online or with a USB drive.

What Does it Mean When my Smart TV is no Longer Supported?

You smartphone can eventually become obsolete, that’s the same for your computer and smart TV.

Why does this happen? Most time, it could be because your device cannot run well with the apps or software your install.

If you have a older model of smart TV (like Vizio or Samsung), apps like Netflix may not work.

How Long Will my Smart TV be Supported by the Manufacturer?

Today, most smart TVs have a life span of one hundred hours. That’s up to 54 years, watching it for 5 hours per day.

However, one major threat the TVs is not necessarily how reliable they are, but obsolescence.

Can You Downgrade the Firmware of your Smart TV?

Downgrading firmware means uploading an older firmware of the latest one on a device. If needed, it is possible to downgrade the firmware of some TV.

A brand like Samsung blocks users from downgrading its firmware. Also, most brands don’t allow you to downgrade your TV.

Will All my Apps be Compatible When I Update the Firmware?

After updating to the latest firmware version on your smart TV, many users are concerned whether it would be be compatible with the existing apps or not.

Often, the new updates work well with your apps. However, should it happen that an update delete your app(s), you can always reinstall them via Google Play – where they were already backed up.

Do Digital Media Boxes like Apple TV have Updates?

Most streaming apps like Apple TV also have update. This would help with the support and whenever new features are added. Digital media boxes are great entertainment tools.

Should I Set my Smart TV to Automatically Update its Firmware?

It is important to update the software of your smart TV every once in a while – whenever they are important.

But to automatically set the update of your smart TV is your choice. Some people like to do it manually, while some want it on auto update.

Getting an automatic update is simple. Just follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Next, choose Support.
  • When you get to the “Support” menu, choose “Software Update”.
  • Next, select “Auto Update”

(this can always be reset later whenever you don’t want an automatic update).

Can You Change the Firmware of Your Smart TV?

Yes, it is very possible to change the firmware of your smart TV.

You can easily do this via the Internet.

Use this setting to automatically get firmware updates whenever available.

Use this setting:

Head to the Settings menu. Next, choose Support. When you get to the “Support” menu, choose “Software Update”. Next, select “Auto Update” (this can always be reset later whenever you don’t want an automatic update).

Can you downgrade Samsung TV firmware?

Most brands making smart TVs today don’t allow you to downgrade your TV.

A brand like Samsung blocks users from downgrading its firmware. However, you can still get in touch with their customer service for possible solution.

Put to be honest, trying to downgrade the firmware of your smart TV is pointless.


Possible to downgrade Samsung TV Firmware from hometheater

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