CamScanner for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

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CamScanner for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

Why wait for a scanner when you can get your job done in less than five with minutes on your phone, or haven’t you heard of CamScanner?

If you haven’t heard of this application, then, take your time to read this write-up as we’re set to reveal some facts about the CamScanner, its features, and its undeniable importance and how it can be installed on PC.

CamScanner for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

Facts About CamScanner

Camscanner is an application that helps you synchronize, scan, and store some important files and contents on your Smartphone, Tablets, and iPad devices.

This application requires a very bright phone camera for it to perform an awesome scanning job. However, other listed functions can be done with or without a camera.

Over 350 million phone users have utilized this wonderful application across 200 countries, and they testified to its greatness.

According to The TIMES (a tech-related website), over 100,000 persons create an account with this application on a daily basis, which signify its importance and usefulness in day-to-day activities.

Download CamScanner on your PC click here

Some Mouthwatering Features Of CamScanner

Ability To Digitize Document In Few Seconds:With the help of CamScanner, you can use your phone camera to digitize and scan all types of paper documents, including invoices, whiteboard, receipts, notes, certificates, business cards, among others.

Improved Scan Quality: CamScanner ensures that the quality of your scanned documents remain uncompromised.

Its Smart-cropping and auto-enhancing attributes ensure that the texts and graphics in your document remain clear and attractive after they are scanned by the app.

Ability To Send Scanned Documents To Anywhere In The World:

You can send a large amount of scanned documents to any part of the world via CamScanner’s Airprint features. You don’t have to get a Fax machine before sending a document, you can do that right on your phone using this wonderful application.

Ability To Secure Highly Confidential Documents :

You can decide to set a password on your documents, in case there are some highly confidential documents on your phone. This feature prevents other people from gaining access to such documents.

Other CamScanner’s features include:

  • * Ability to share scanned JPEG or PDF files with friends and families via email addresses.
  • * Ability to quickly search for any document via CamScanner’s tags and categories.

Download CamScanner on your PC click here

Types of CamScanner Applications

There are two types or modes of Camscanner, they are: Free and Premium Modes

* Free Mode Camscanner

This type requires no amount as it can be launched without paying any additional fee. However, it has limited features.

* Premium Camscanner

This type has unlimited features, but you need to pay some amount of money on annual basis. Some added features of this type of Camscanner include 40 extra collaborators and 10G Cloud SpaceOther Important Information
You can download this wonderful app from Google Play Store or IOS App Store because it is compatible with Android, Tablets and iPad devices.