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Best Smart TVs With The Google Play Store ( Complete Buyers Guide)

If you’re a die-hard Android fan, then here’s something that’ll blow your mind away. Your favourite, Google, has moved into the TV space by creating the Android version of TVs.

It’s simply called Android TVs. and yes! It comes with the famous Google Play Store. Android TVs take entertainment to the next level for you.

With this Android TV, there’s so much to discover and enjoy from you Netflix, Amazon, Roku, YouTube to Google Play Store. Recently, Android TVs now support the tick tock app. Cool right?

Here are some of the criteria you should consider before you purchase any smart TV.

Criteria for Selecting smart TVs

The TV market is flooded with dozens of smart TVs. however, not all TVs would ensure you have an amazing experience.Samsung Smart TV

To save you from getting confused, as to which smart TV is perfect for you, here are some of the criteria you should look out for.

  • Size: The first feature you should consider is the size of the TV. you want to ensure it’s the same size as the size of the space you intend to install it in. also, ensure it doesn’t go beyond your budget. Nevertheless, using a measuring tape to check out the size of the space carved out for the TV might not be 100% accurate. In this case, you can use augmented reality via situ or various mockup cardboard sizes could do the trick. Another thing to want to check out is the screen size and how it affects the possible viewing distance that might exist once you install the TV.
  • Resolution: the resolution of your TV matters a lot to your viewing experience. In definition, the resolution refers to the pixels or dots that make up your screen. The TV’s display is as sharp as the number of pixels it has. In other words, when the pixel is a lot, the screen’s display is naturally sharper. However, the size of the screen also affects the display. Recently, the best resolution for modern-day TVs is 3840 by 2160 pixels, also called 4k display or Ultra HD like most companies call it. If you are on a budget, go for full HD TVs with 1080pixels. Nevertheless, if you have a lot of money to throw around, you could consider getting the 8k display TVs.
  • Display Technology: when hunting for a smart TV, take note of the display technology. Generally, manufacturers design smart TVs with LED or OLED. Both are amazing. It’s difficult to decide which is better because different manufacturers who produce smart OLED and LED TVs add their touch to it. Nevertheless, LED TVs are more expensive than OLED. When it comes to the screen quality, LED LCD uses white light-emitting diodes. As a result, it makes LED LCD screens sharper than OLED TVs.

Sony Bravia A8H 55-inch smart TV

Sony is one of the brands that have satisfied the general public with impressive OLED TV sets. With Sony, you just can’t get enough which is why they have brought to you the Sony Bravia A8H OLED 55-inch Smart TV.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Sony upped its OLED display technology quality and overall game in the Smart TV industry with this TV.

For starters, the A8H 55-inch TV follows the regular Sony minimalist design. It is super-slim and it can be mounted on a wall.

However, if you choose to sit it on a table, it has pretty sturdy feet that are suitable for it. It is 55-inch in size. It has some ports that are organized on the left side of the panel, making it decent.

Some of the ports include 2 USB Type-A ports, 1 HDMI port, a composite video input, headphone output, a third USB port and 3 HDMI ports, etc. This OLED TV takes your gaming experience to another level with its 4k resolution.


  • You can control your TV with google assistant.
  • It is compatible with Alexa.
  • You can integrate your iPhone and Siri devices with this Sony TV.
  • Access tons of content on Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and GooglePlay Store.
  • Great picture and sound quality.


  • If you love big TVs, then you might not like this TV because of its size.

Sony Bravia X950H 55-inch smart TV

The x950H shows a massive improvement from the X950G/XG95. First, it features a slim bezel design that makes it possible for anyone to watch the content that pops on the screen from any angle.

The pictures are also sharp and clear with zero blurs. The TV delivers amazing picture quality with amazing contrast, colour and clarity.

The sound quality is also quite impressive. The best part is that there is harmony in the sound and picture you see on the screen.

You’ll hear the sounds exactly from the angle of the screen that it emits from. You’ll also see the exact picture the content creator intended for you to see.

The android Tv exposes you to a variety of content from HBO Max, Disney Plus and the regular platforms like Netflix, YouTube, etc. you have access to contents from most platforms except Apple TV Plus.

Another impressive feature of this TV is its speed. You’ll also enjoy streaming Netflix, etc in 4K in Dolby Vision. Awesome right?


  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • iPhone and Siri devices can be integrated
  • Delivers high-quality sound and picture.
  • Features sound and picture harmony.


  • It doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 ports

Sony XBR A9G 65-inch smart TV

Sony stuns the market scene with this 4k smart TV that’s quite expensive. It comes under the Sony Master Series and is regarded as the best 4K smart TV there is.

First off, it is an OLED Smart TV that offers a premium 4k viewing experience. The picture quality is very impressive as it is designed with a picture contrast booster for the best viewing experience.

It also uses the picture processor X1 ultimate which produces contrasts with natural colours, pure blacks and peak brightness. This TV produces picture quality that pays attention to detail, clear, vivid and realistic.

The sound quality is also stunning. It deploys the picture and sound harmony that ensure fantastic audio-visual delivery.

Every sound that pops out of the screen comes out with extreme clarity that gives you that amazing cinematic experience. You can turn your home into a theatre with this premium 4K TV from Sony.

When you activate the Netflix Calibrated Mode on this TV, you would take your Netflix experience to another level. The picture quality in this mode is exceptional, giving you the studio evaluation master kind of experience.


  • Exceptional picture and sound quality.
  • Great picture and sound harmony
  • Upgraded remote control


  • It is expensive.

Is Sony Bravia a good TV brand?

Sony is one of the leading industry experts popularly known for making products with amazing picture and sound quality. They offer TV resolutions that range from 4k to 8k with a varying price range.

You can never go wrong with a Sony Smart TV, especially with a Sony Bravia. There are quite a few Sony Bravia TVs you can invest in. newsflash:

Sony Bravia TVs can last you a lifetime without needing repairs. Like other Sony TVs, the Sony Bravia uses the Android TV software platform which offers a lot more content compared to other Smart TV brands.

Their build is also quite impressive. So, to answer your question, Sony Bravia is a good TV brand. You’ll get your money’s worth.

What is so special about Sony Bravia?

For starters, the Sony Bravia brand is a Brand under Sony. Bravia is an acronym that reads “Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture”.

Perhaps, what is so special about the Sony Bravia brand is that the line-up of products under the Sony Bravia product series is that it grants you easy access to contents from platforms like Netfllix, Hulu and YouTube.

For game lovers, you can also access and install all the cool games and apps from the GooglePlay Store.

How long does Sony Bravia TVs last?

Based on user reviews, Sony Bravia TVs can last you up to 10 years or more without needing any repairs. However, the truth is, the way you use your Sony Bravia TV is a major determinant of how long it would last you.

Hence, you have to ensure that you take time out to read the manual from the manufacturer. It would feed you with information that would help you understand the best way to use it; it’s do’s and don’ts.

Hisense H6570 43-inch smart TV

Although a budget TV, Hisense offers impeccable value in this H6570 smart TV. If you are on a budget, this Hisense TV is a great option you should consider. Here’s why!

For starters, the picture quality that it offers is quite amazing, delivering deep contrast. While the H6570 is the smallest of the Hisense TV range, It uses Android TV and Dolby Vision.

It also delivers its picture quality in 4k UHD, giving you an amazing viewing experience. Like the other Hisense TVs in this category, the H6570 uses android TV.

Now, while Android TV can be slow, it’s easy to think that its speed on this budget TV might be terrible. However, the opposite is the case. Android TV on this TV is responsive. It also presents a lot of contents from various platforms.

Watch anything you want on YouTube, Netflix, etc and get access to 4000 games and apps.

Let’s not forget that google assistant is integrated into this TV also to facilitate voice control. Guess what?

The google assistant on this TV works just fine. To use google assistant, you would need to pair the remote via Bluetooth. Pairing the remote doesn’t take time and it isn’t rocket science either.

When it comes to sound quality, you might want to consider getting a pair of speakers as the built-in speakers are not that good. Nevertheless, with an external speaker or two, you’ll be just fine.

While this TV from Hisense is good, if you’ve got enough money in the bank, get a TV from one of the big brands. However, if you are on a budget, then this alongside other Hisense TV series is your best bet for getting good quality at an affordable price.

Is Hisense a good brand of TV?

Yes, Hisense is a good TV brand. They offer a range of quality products at an affordable price, compared to the big players in the market like Sony, Samsung, etc.

hence, if you are on a budget but still want a quality Smart TV for entertainment purposes, then, you should invest in Hisense, especially in their recent TV product line-up.


  • Affordable
  • Decent sound and picture quality.
  • It works well with Android TV.


  • It is designed with plastic.

TCL 40-inch Class 3 Series

The TCL brand plays within the low-budget range. Hence, while it doesn’t deliver exceptional picture quality that fights glare, the 1080p LED resolution that it provides is not all that bad.

It is a decent TV that is best watched in a dark room or a room that isn’t flooded with too much light or brightness. You’ll enjoy the deep blacks that it delivers when you watch the TV in a dark room.

It makes use of ROKU TV that grants you access to the great content of over 500,000 TV shows and movies. Gain access to platforms like Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

if you are a sports lover, you’ll have fun using Roku TV. ROKU TV follows a simple and sleek panel that can be easily navigated.

The remote control is easy to use and you can convert your mobile phone or tablet to a TV remote with voice control. You’ll be able to easily add or remove channels using your mobile devices.


  • Reduced input lag
  • It delivers amazing pre-calibration image accuracy.


  • Doesn’t have any HDR support.

Is TCL a trusted brand?

Generally, TCL is an amazing brand. Like Hisense, they produce a smart range of products that offer great picture and sound quality.

Guess what? You can own a TCL TV at an affordable price. However, they do not have as many features as big brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, etc.

What does TCL stand for?

TCL stands for Telephone Communication Limited.

Does TCL make their own panels?

Yes, TCL produces their panels in house. This prevents them from purchasing panels from big brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.

Which country made TCL?

TCL is a State-owned Chinese electronics enterprise. It was first founded under the name TTK in 1981 as an audio cassette manufacturer.

Then, in 1985, after a law case, it changed its name to TCL Technology. Its headquarters is in Huizhou, Guangdong Province.

How Much Should You Pay for a Smart TV with the Google Play Store?

There is no fixed price for Smart TVs with GooglePlay Store. You just need to shop from trustworthy and reliable brands. On that note, the prices of Smart TVs with GooglePlay Store range from brand to brand.

Different brands have various Smart TVs with prices that are both on the high and low end.

What you should do is select the TV with GooglePlay Store that you’d like to buy and look it up on amazon or check the company’s website to determine the price.

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