Are stamps a good investment? Find out here

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Stamps serves several purposes from sending of mail and sending of postal cards etc. But only few people sees stamps as store of value, in fact stamps can be bought as a long term investment.
Are stamps a good investment? Find out here

Stamps remains one of the few items whose value are not affected by economic factors such as interest rates, government policies that affect assets like equity, this makes stamp one of the most secured assets today.

Of recent stamps have outperformed shares this has made so many investors to have a renewed confidence and as such consider stamps as a safe heaven for long term investment.

Anyone who truly wants to diversify their portfolio then you should consider inviting in stamps. As at today the British Guiana 1c Magenta which is the world most expensive stamps have a price value of about 9 million Euros.

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2 solid reasons Why you should invest in stamps

Secured assets: the value of stamps can hardly be affected by other
A true store of value: the value of stamps hardly depreciate on like other assets whose values can easily be eroded by economic factors

Types of Stamps you should invest in now

Not all types of stamp are worth investing in but investing in this under listed stamps will fetch you sure return in the future:

1. Penny Black – 1840

The penny black should take our first list of investable stamp.

This stamp has the head of Queen Victoria of England and was first issued in Britain to serves as payment of mails.

When it was first issued in 1840 it worth was equivalent to 1 penny but today the worth has far risen above that, today it worth tens of thousands of pounds.

2. German Inflation Stamps

1922 – 1923 just a few year after the great War known as the 1 world War which followed the German defeat there was an uncontrollable inflation, price skyrocketed and jobs where lost. People find it difficult to send mail by post office in fact stamps that where sold 1 million couldn’t deliver a mail.

But today after over 95 years has past this rare stamps are now becoming to have their true worth.

3. Dutch King Willem III – 1872

This stamp has the image of King Willem III who was the king of Nederland . To lay your hands on one today could cost you between €6,500 and €8,500 and the value is fast rising dat after day.

4. Italian Old States Stamps

This are one of the most oldest form of stamps because they came from the old Italian small cities states and where out of use when all the small cities states in Italy United to form a one Unified country.

Places where you can buy and auction stamps

Some of the places where you can auction your stamps are:

Stamps dealers : try locate some stamps dealers in your area or city though most of them now have an association. But if you couldn’t find one then you can go online.

Ebay: if you want to auction your rare stamps then you should consider visiting eBay which is one of the world’s largest E commerce site

Amazon: I have seen some rare stamps that are listed for auction on Amazon, if you have rare stamps or you are trying to sell one just head over to Amazon.