AndroZip  App for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

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AndroZip  App for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

In this review, you will understand how AndroZip can help you organize your mobile files, like you would do when using your PC – all done with ease.

AndroZip  App for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

Among the providers of File Management service for mobile users, AndroZip stands as a leader among the best at the top. With over twenty millions downloads by satisfied customers, this is just a perfect app to have in your arsenal.
This File Manager supports RAR, GZIP, ZIP, TAR, Encrypted ZIP, BZIP2, and others.

AndroZip will help you move, delete, copy, unzip and compress encrypted ZIP files. With it, you can easily arrange your pictures, folders, files, music, and videos – like you do it for a PC. Fit for both phones and tablets.

Installing AndroZip On Your PC – Windows 7/8/10 And Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

  • Click on Google play store iconNox App Player
  • Enter your Gmail details in the box that appears and sign in.Nox App Player
  • Immediately you sign in Google play store will load exactly as is it on your mobile.
  • Locate the search bar at the upper Blur Image Background Editor type in the app name and Search for it.

Click on download and wait for the download to finish up.

Get AndroZip App on your PC click here

Some other Interesting Features in AndroZip

  1. The AndroZip will safeguard your mobile device from sleeping. For instant, it will make sure your tasks are completed before device sleeps. This is important. If you are zipping a file, it will prevent your device from sleeping.
  2. This app fully supports decompression of encrypted ZIP file – the likes of AES-128 and AES 256 bit, and other Standard ZIP files.
  3. With AndroZip, you can send files and other cool stuff via e-mail. This is interesting apart from the archive functions it has.
  4. Because of the drag-and-drop feature this app comes with, lots of tablet users love it so dearly. It makes file management easier and faster.
  5. With its intuitive and simple interface, AndroZip is just well loaded. The task manager, app backup tool, archive manager, file explorer, and others – these features are a rescue to a lot of filing challenges. You will get all these, for free.
  6. As you make use of this app, it will suggest other apps your device may need for proper functioning. This is possible as a result of the information it gathers about other apps you already have on your device.
  7. You can easily back up many valuable apps in your device. It makes it possible to install APK’s on your Android device. AndroZip allows you manage device memory and other resources with the aid of the Task Manager tool.
  8. If your internal storage space is filled, this app can easily be moved to your SD card. This is another cool feature.
  9. AndroZip helps you organize your files, fast and with ease. Download it here today. For free!

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